Declare it into the atmosphere 

I declare and decreeOld things have passed away and they can stay away. What does not serve with purpose in my life in this season I release it.

I declare and decree I am spiritually grounded attuned to the spoken word of God. I do not live in and out of Christ for convenience, but I declare I live and move and have my being in Christ for the sake of righteous living. Through this righteous living I lead others to Christ.

I declare and decree my life is worth living and living through a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

I declare and decree anything that is owed to me, back money, child support, land, peace of mind, homes and cars come to me now!

I declare through Jesus name and divine nature

Iam able to possess the land, my intentions and my life with blessings. I was not created to be poor or live in poverty! I am listen to guidance and the word of the Lord is bringing me out!
In Jesus name


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