Do you hear HIM

Good morning,
    I want to say being careful of our thoughts is so necessary. Reading the 2 chapter of Jeremiah, Jeremiah begins his works speaking on behalf of the Lord. He speaks to Israel concerning the idol worship, even as much to say the children of Israel had followed idols and the prophets of Baal.
I begin to think of the movie, “The Letter” created from the letters Mother Theresa left behind. Mother Theresa heard the word of the Lord and followed it into the slums of Calcutta India when there was no visible means to help her benefit the people.  Adversity was right in her face, people she confided in called her thoughts foolish, but she followed God. Her superior Mother general began to complain to other superiors concerning the call of God saying she must be stopped because the girls from the convent were leaving to follow Mother Theresa. All of this adversity lead Mother Theresa to develop the “Missionaries of Charity” which is known throughout the world.
Don’t become confused when things look crazy, don’t go following after other Gods, but be sure to follow the true voice of God. The circumstances may look shakie, but God has a deeper level for His vision and visionary. Remember you are the one God choose to carry the vision forth. You are set apart, you are tested on your loyalty, you are ridiculed, you are talked about, you are left lonely like Mother Theresa only to be an instrument for God purpose and work her in the earth. But you are the one chosen to make a difference for others. Don’t give up on God because of confusion, all the issues will clear up as you spend more time in prayer looking for Gods understanding.


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