Societies consciousness

Good Morning All,
As I reviewed Leviticus 26. I found myself pondering over the level of consciousness that society has placed on families. When you are young families take pride passing down legacies, traditions, heirlooms, practices. You are even persuaded to follow in the footsteps of a mother or a father. You may even have the same name that distinguishes you as a Jr. or even carry the mothers middle and/or first name. By default we feel a since of pride & recognition to follow in our families footsteps. Some of us spend a lifetime to achieve that goal. Some of us work to get the validation and/or approval without realizing the major game changer left undisclosed. Notice the only thing disclosed are the admirable facts, accomplishments and material. Some of us by default allow and/or place ourselves intentionally in circumstances due to what’s familiar or what we’ve been taught not realizing what we’ve signed up for. Common day discussions with individuals tend to only relay the disclosure of good but never the disclosure of what some may characterize as a human stain. The problem with stains is they can be impossible to get out. You find yourself scrubbing, spraying and rewashing to get the stain out only to find a faded stain. After time several washes people tend to cover up the stain. Could be with another article of clothing or even the accessory. At the end of the day while the remainder of the article of clothing is vibrantly clear the stain is still reflective on the article of clothing but hidden. What does this say about us? We sing songs of break every chain and then link ourselves back to situations in life that have been going on for years before our time. We wear items and carry them with us into our new lives not realizing we’ve done nothing to change the dynamics of our heritage. Instead we stand up proud full of pride. Instead of simply changing or getting a new article of clothing. Clearly we are comfortable with keeping it hidden and don’t want it exposed. I’ve even had articles of clothing passed down to me as I’m sure you have that had a small stain.

Where am I going with a stained article of clothing? Leviticus 26 outlines the parameters, boundaries, rules and regulations of God addressing the vitality of his decrees. In this text he drives home if you are too stubborn and/or proud. God further explains that your disobedience will get passed down. While we are so proud and think it’s honorable to follow, yield, and subject ourselves to family legacies. Are we aware of the cost? Are you too willing to ignore the stain and be proud? The most profound message of this all is the awareness that the game changer was to never recycle the same article of clothing but to confront the situation at hand. Recognize the stain and address it. Regardless of where the stain came from. The same motivation you have to embrace all the accomplishments should be the same that you have to embrace the disappointments. Are you recycling the same consciousness? #getyourownlegacy #getanewshirt
K.I.M.R 94.5


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