Intercessors enter the throne room

Judgment in life!!Good morning,

The words judgement and process came to mind in the last couple of days. Many people experience judgement in the process of the gifting and ministries unfolding, but how many people really know or understand this? The understanding actually comes when we take the initiate and stretch to go deeper into God. Peter was called into the deep and often times were being called but allow earthly things to hinder our call. 

Well there is a discipline of judgement that the disciple walks when the calling is on his or her life, some callings more extreme or greater than others. 

The truth of the matter is when we enter the areas of process concerning the call we are judged on our actions towards others. It doesn’t matter if they, people around us hurt, harm or disappoint us our actions are being documented at this time. As we have been discussing intercessors we know that they are called to enter the throne room for guidance on what to pray and how to pray, which means they experience much prayer time alone with the Lord. The prophet is included in this because intercessors pray out of the heart of God which means their heart must be open and clean ( i.e. Circumcised). The intercessors prophet opens his or her heart, because the commandments hung in love this says the word of God in Matthew 22:39-40.

 The ministers evangelist, apostles, bishops, teachers and leaders of God must love as well. However, intercessors fines as they grow they might experience rhema word as they focus on pure humility. Pure unadulterated humility allows the intercessors into the throne room to sup on the bread that brings life straight from the mouth of God. Aren’t you excited about the changes you can make in prayer? That is for yourself… Along with acknowledging your process to grow spiritually has you being watched by spiritual hierarchy. That’s right the great cloud of witnesses watch our every move. We also have guides spiritually and earthly teachers who help us make the process successful while walking through turbulent times of correction. 

Proverbs 13:24

Sparing the rod comes to mind. Psalm 23:4 tells us He will guide us with His rod. Why is He guiding us with a rid of discipline we should ask?

The next scripture is psalm 23:5-6 states; He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. The table is the reward for overcoming self. Let your enemies cast stones, but you stay clean that know sin or inequity may become your lot. 

Kim Warner 

K.I.M.R 94.5

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