There is no victory without identification

Emotional pain- can you identify when it knocks at your heart? 

What is it… This thing, or action that keeps me set back emotionally acting out? 

It is patterns in our life that trigger emotional pain. For instance Emotional Pain rises like a person saying, I have been here before I have met a man/woman like you before, I want to experience pain with you. The drama, lack of confidence, self-esteem, fear of repeating and old situation.

Write out that thing the painful experiences that grip your mind and heart leaving you to live in secret inner turmoil. Identify with times situations appear that look like past hurts, disappointments, or relationship breakdowns you experience in the past:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

By identifying we approach the ability of overcoming compulsive emotional behaviors that leave us spiritually broken and misunderstood. Tell yourself I will not be reactive, it’s not what it looks like…I am overcoming this, by walking in Gods presence! You can do it, because I have overcome these pains as well as others. Your not alone. Most people think their alone masking hurt, but life is a school of learning which means we are to awaken to pain bind it actions and call love into replace the toxic emotions.

Romans 12:2 says be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Do not conform to the worlds way of dealing with pain nor its methods of release hurting others. 

We are to work toward the will of God being able to test and prove His way for our lives! 


#spiritual #coach 

Kim Warner

K.I.M.R 94.5

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