Three C’s

Good morning!!!3 C’s 

Choice, Chance, and Change …

We have choices on our life journey this is true. However, when we continue making the same choices out of habit, afraid of taking a chance to do something different that will advocate change in our lives and others when life is risky anyway what changes will we have? 

Things we can think about ourselves to get the wheels turning toward change are being nicer to one another, help someone who needs help, over come ego, speak wiser kinder loving words. And if by chance there’s anything you don’t know or understand take the time to educate yourselves on it … 

Behaviors, attitudes, and judgment are the number one issues we face as a people concerning change. Get this we don’t even know we have attitudes and behaviors that repel our blessings!

The Bible is the best tool for psychological change, and googles search engine takes you into anything you might desire learning!


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Kim Warner

K.I.M.R 94.5

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