Good Morning,
As I was reading my Greek word studies this morning, I felt that the prayer and confession for the day needed to be shared. Its about yielding leadership to the Holy Spirit and overcoming our flesh’s urge to do what WE want to do. May this bless you in your walk and help you discern the Holy Spirits presence, so that you are blessed daily and miss no opportunities that are meant for you. Amen!

The Lord is with you!

Anora Rivera

K.I.M.R 94.5

“Lord, I want to learn how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I know that you sent Him to be a Leader and a Guide for my life, so today I open my heart to Him. I asked You to help me learn to recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice and to know what He is leading me to do. With all my heart, I request that You help me become sensitive to Him so that He can lead me in all the paths You have designed for my life. I pray this in Jesus’ name!”   
“I confess that I am spiritually sensitive and that the Holy Spirit is actively leading my life. I am His constant tag-along— watching what He’s doing where He’s going, and how He’s leading. I am so sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading that I pick up every “nudge” He puts in my heart. He is my leader, and I faithfully follow whatever He leads me to go.

 I declare this by faith in Jesus name!”

*Quotes are derived from “Sparkling Gems From the Greek” by Rick Renner.


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