Journalist and videographer

Inspiring others to dream more, learn more, and to become more is my passion. Whatever you are seeking to improve in your life — know that it is possible! With a positive frame of mind, a little motivation, and an unwavering sense of focus — you can mind anything into matter!
Having dealt the confusion of a life’s purpose, fear, and lack of confidence, I know first-hand what it is like not knowing the direction you should be moving in and what it feels like to simply be “stuck”. But trust me, it gets better — and it starts with motivation. The “will” to do and the “will” to “want” to do is inside of you.
Visually, if you can see it, you can believe it. And I would love to help you see the endless possibilities of your life’s potential.
My name is Alana Winns and I am a multimedia journalist covering all things lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, and sports related.
I am equally as passionate reporting in front of the camera as I am is behind it shooting, editing, and producing creative content. I am always seeking innovative ways to grab my viewer’s attention through storytelling that inspires transformation.
I studied journalism at Hampton University, with a concentration in broadcast, and at Columbia University, with a concentration in video storytelling.
I have covered award shows and national conferences as both a production assistant and reporter. I’ve interviewed entertainers and political figures including Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine, General James Amos, Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri, R&B singer, Kelly Price, and celebrity hairstylist and L.A. Hair reality star, Kim Kimble among many others.
I am from Washington D.C., but grew up as a military child moving around every two years and living in places such as the “Aloha” state Hawaii.
When I’m not out reporting or shooting video you can catch me reading up on the latest trends or crafting a DIY project. 🙂

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