7 days demonstrating faith

Walls come down!~The walls of Jericho came down with praise!

What if you were searching for your heart and couldn’t find it and God gave you 7 days to find that very thing that keeps you a live? First of all this would be a miracle second a great lesson would be learned, that by faith all things truly are possible. 

Now the question to ask is why would God put me in a place where my heart is at stake? 

Reading Joshua 6 God showed me the devoted thing had been held captive beyond the walls of Jericho . But the value was not material as the text in the bible reads. Material is formed substance a thing that humans gravitate towards often unknowingly making material there Gods. These things when loved become idols to us and usually we have circumstances that rise in life’s journey because we have disconnected with the one and only true source. 

Moving forward, Joshua was told to lead the people in a strategic plan to take back the devoted things (heart). 7 days God said and the walls of Jericho would come down.

 7 days to find what you been searching for, 7 days of pure devotion, of praise and consecration would become a life changing experience. This experience with the Lord would take and individual to the place where the heart has been held captive by issues of life pronouncing freedom and true salvation. 

Allow your minds to go with Joshua on the battle to fight for what truly belongs to God. Joshua lead the children of Isreal into many victories, allow the spirit he carries as so Jesus to become your defense and release yourself to go to the level of praise beyond the heart of matters entering into the veil… The secret place where yokes are broken walls and partitions come down and the heart is release from captivity to its true owner. The one and only, Alpha and omega true living God who reigns forever and ever!

Give him glory!!!!!


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