Storms of life

Good afternoon, I was thinking about the storms we encounter throughout life and how many people become stuck due to the ferocious activities storms bring. I then began to think about when the storm passes and the time of assessment takes place. There are so many beautiful things that come from storms.

 However, Often times people are afraid of the storms and what the storm is yielding… They miss the most important part which is our own ability to practice our spiritual stand, which is the power and authority that was given through Jesus… I can see Jesus now as He stood in courage, commanding the storm through His God nature, power, and authority telling the storm to cease. Quiet down your violent roar! 

But there again was the lesson disciples participated in watching the master speak in what He had taught them. 

You know I believe Jesus was also speaking to the emotional issues of the disciples and the people as well. 

I see the storms and thank God for them because the storms have taught me, it’s well! 

This too shall pass! You are so much stronger ! You survived!And I am learning more about the power within me through you mr. Or ms. storm! I am victorious!

Just thought of sharing


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