You dwell in me

Good morning psalm 26 is a word this morning. But moreover 26:8 of psalm began to stir a joy in my spirit as I spoke the words out loud ” I love the House where you live oh Lord, the place where your Glory dwells. Why is this? Because God dwells within each of us. The Glory desires to resonate in and through each of us to touch not only our souls but others!

I love the place where you dwell Father, your love, peace, joy, happiness, knowledge, restoration, revelation, and prosperity dwells in this place! The break through I seek, the promotion I seek is in this place. Your truth is in this place. This place I love is me! It’s who I am … all I ever needed or desired I can find in the place where you dwell, Oh lord because the place where you dwell is who I am! In Jesus name!Amen Just meditate on the beauty of the Lord in you! Visualize all that beauty in you … no limits pure beauty!


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