Tricky faith

FaithFaith is a tricky word as well as a tricky practice because most people believe it’s and outside practice. You will hear many people say I have faith because they have practiced natural faith meaning believing from from the outside realm. However true believers practice from within, meaning they visualize as God did teaching Jeremiah chapter 1, before whatever their hoping for manifest. True spirituality practice begins when the individual utilizes his or her power within initiating faith to create their desire. With Jesus teachings there was never and outside demonstration before the demonstration took place inside, this is why Jesus encouraged the woman at the well by saying they that worship me must worship in spirit and truth. Spirit and truth is not found in the world or through natural sense, spirit and truth is found inside the seeker.

So today we take a chance on doing something new by first setting aside the old way of doing things and take the chance of practicing a new way of faith by seeing those things as they are from the sight of God. We are reminded that our emotions must line up with this inner faith to actually motivate the power within us. 

Forgetting what lies behind … I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.—Philippians 3:13, 14

Kim warner 

K.I.M.R 94.5


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