Being aware of attachments

I walked down the stairs of my home this morning and became aware that the home I live in is a part of my past. This is not to offend anyone but to let me know that things that the father is changing within me regarding acceptance is working. One might look at the scene as a disappointment as well as a need to scold those involved, but there is a need to identify with what the atmosphere is saying. 

The truth of the matter is that I have been praying for a new residence, my thoughts to embrace things that are happening all around me signal a green light regarding new housing and vibrant changes.

As I contemplate the circumstances that surround me tears roll down my cheeks. Thoughts come to mind, what am I to do? I am afraid, I am so alone as I am on this journey, no one really understands. I ask the Lord how to process all I have seen and emotionally experienced this morning and the past years that still resonates pain. A lot of the emotions have to do with releasing the old and embracing the new we have not seen manifested yet. The other thing would be releasing the last bet of control that tells us to hold on to what’s already gone or better yet allowing ourselves to see how we become attached to earthly things when we say we’re not attached. Jesus said it so eloquently, to follow the way of the Lord means we must release ourselves of earthly attachments. 

Discipline is apart of of the Disciplines nature when letting go, hence he or she finds the nature of Mastery through the actions they display when letting go. 

The songstress says, “my life is not my own to you I belong. I give myself away.” The emphasis is to focus on “I give” … when things seem out of control it’s a sign to give, surrender, because there is no winning over the inevitable. Give it to the Lord, let go, because nothing really belongs to us. 

So I began to feel better realizing I am a stranger in this land as the Bible says. I yield myself to the experience I’m in trusting God to lead me to my expected end or in this case ( laughing out loud) my new resident!

I asked myself again, “what am I doing” and “what’s happening?” I heard the words ” your simply being”… and I started laughing while tears where running down my face,  because I am in total agreement, ” I am simply being”!

Kim warner 


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