Leadership wisdom when working and witnessing to people

     Team work makes dreams work we often confess in our office. We all believe in Christ but there are a few that gave us the ability to witness to them watching the fruition of the word manifest. The other thing we must be mindful of when witnessing is identifying those who are devils! That’s right because in every good work there will be a devil planted in the camp, who is sent to sabotage the plans of the Father. Even Jesus had a devil in His camp.

    Read: Then Jesus replied, “Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!”John 6:70. The first time this word came alive to me I said wait a minute why would Jesus allow the devil to be in his mist? Then the answer came to fulfill the prophecy. The victory is among you, but in the case of recognizing a betrayal situation we must be prayed up enough to know if were dealing with Deliah, Jezebel,  Haman, or Judas.
     In our mission we need to have the practice of our ministry to first approach the Holy spirit for wisdom, because of the betrayal spirit as well as the spirit of false burdens that come to attach itself to leaders. David made inquiring of God a practice of his, because he depended on the Lord for the answers not himself. By praying about all things even witnessing we find ourselves in line with the will of God but also covered from the rebellious and resistant nature of and individual who might possess a satanic spirit.

Food for thought, because we are told through the word that all will not be with Christ in eternity, because they believe not in their hearts  we as Christian Leaders must accept what we’re working with.

    Christ tells the Jews and religious men, John 6:43 Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are  dead. But those who eat my body will rise with me in the last day John 6:50. My point is the word confirms we need to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove when fishing to avoid pit falls.

     Samson was chosen of the Lord, but he did not recognize Delilah as a person planted by Satan, which cost him to fall in lue of his mission to overcome the Philistines. While there is a sexual connotation added to the situation Samson experienced we can still use Samson situation to understand the device of Satan and the need to pray about people were fishing for regarding salvation (Howell, 2003, P60). Getting back to the point,  teams are unified by the spirit of God when their hearts and minds jointly fit like the body of Christ explains. Teams recognize the enemy in their camp and teams stand together against the enemies plan to conquer and divide Gods plan! 

Glory to God!
Howell, Don N. Servants of the Servant: A Biblical Theology of Leadership. Eugene, OR: Wipf  & Stock, 2003


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