Gifts in motion 

Where are you on your journey to remembering your already whole? Has the enemy of your soul got you so perplexed and confused that you don’t know what your doing and who you are serving? The test you must take is paying attention to what has your attention most of the time. For example distractions should be identified… those distractions that keep you focused on everything but your good, God, and your purpose. Think about the scripture “I am come that you would have life abundantly.”

What is really more than anyone thinking in a positive fashion? 

The truth is we allow the distractions to hinder us because this is the level of thinking we choose to participate in. 

However practicing to speak, think, and meditate on thoughts and actions of Christ as much as possible will change!

Key points: think and speak things the way you want them to be until you see the manifestation… prophetic gifts are in motion taking in the nature of our thoughts, words, and intentions and materializing!