A seed shall change the posterity 

Good morning, psalm 22:30

A seed shall serve Him. That seed shall come to life after germination in the womb (tomb) and change a dying family, a lineage of divorce, and separation. It shall speak to mountains through courage and boldness. This seed shall say lack be bond, sickness be sent back to hell, woman you are loosed!That seed shall touch communities teaching simple people the wisdom of the Lord and that seed will go on to touch cities and nations healing the issues at hand! Will that seed be you or is it in your children ? Will you answer the call to be used as a vessel to be a change agent for your family, community, city, state and nation? Will you shift climate and action of a dull posterity to reap a prosperous posterity? A posterity that will serve Him; so that future generations will be told about the Lord and the kingdom of God that lives within them will flourish so lack and death will never dwell in your culture again?

We have nevada, California, Texas, Virginia, Kentucky, New Jersey area, Florida, Baltimore and Michigan which is 8 different states and cities that frequent the conference call and those I work with and talk to for the purpose of kingdom building . Awesome people of God understand that your life started as that seed as well as your children Take confidence in knowing greatness lives within you and cultivate it to beat the odds !

God bless your day!

K.I.M.R 94.5







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