Being transparent and vulnerable 

I was driving down the highway crying out to the Lord today. I have been in so much pain and know one really knows. 

Can anyone relate? 

Pain in my body, pain in my mind and no one could relieve the pain, but God. Today it was more than I could bare… I began to weep and then I saw a vision of a woman touching Jesus Garment. 

Matthew 9:20

King James Bible

And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment…

The woman with the issue of blood so to speak is where the vision took me. All of a sudden I saw her reaching and the voice of the Lord said press your way through the crowd of thoughts. He said, to me your thoughts are the crowd your pushing through. Your thoughts are blocking you, the thoughts are hindering you! My God !!! Have you ever experienced your thoughts blocking you from seeing clearly or understanding that your thoughts are the very reason your breakthrough hasn’t came? I was so happy because at least I had heard from God and felt His encouragement! So I did just what the Lord said! I pushed pass the thoughts, by praying and praising harder. I prayed harder in my spiritual language as well because I could feel my deliverance was before me. And there it was in a matter of minutes the mental pain and physical pain was gone! Glory had arrived! I could see clearly and I felt so much better.

K.I.M.R 94.5


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