Success for the day … join us tonight

Good morning, the success in your day begins with what you think about when you first open your eyes. This morning the spirit spoke Psalm 27:10 to me.

Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me. As I lay with my eyes closed thinking on this scripture I thought of others who were and are in the position of being forsaken by parents. But I see

forsaken to mean many different things to people depending on the environmental upbringing. The forsaken by my parents did not register in mind though…

The fact that God had a word of encouragement for me is what stuck out taking any stress and havoc that tried to enter my mind away from the day and anything I’m currently dealing with was the blessing I focused on. Many people focus on the hurt, the pain, and losses rather than the blessings.

When I focus on the losses and pain where is my gain? I find no blessings in focusing on the pain first thing in the morning , however I do fine the blessings when I shift my mind to Gods goodness and grace over my life. You see God and it’s omnipotent presence can do all things!God can do exceedingly abundantly more than any man or woman could comprehend. Therefore I am grateful to know that when my mother and father forsakes me God has been my help from the foundation of the earth and my birthing!

We will share more ways to look at the scripture and how to use them tonight! Blessings have a great day!

K.I.M.R 94.5

Everyone! 😊 Please join us on the Biblestudy line at 6:30pm PST, where we will be continuing our studies of Kingdom Alignment for Prophetic Advancement :

To access conference call by phone dial in :7018011211

Passcode: 818864188


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