Wake up everybody

Wake up everybody!

What does homelessness have to do with mental illness? Most people who are in the streets have suffered loses that cause mental breakdowns. These breakdowns resonate from domestic violence, verbal abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse. As well Individuals who are homeless are drug dealers and ex drug dealers , individuals who have been molested, raped, they are products of prostitution by parents and family, they are ex-felons, individuals who are affected by the welfare system and it’s misleading, gang bangers, mortgages foreclosure victims, victims of religious misleadings, parental alienation by divorce and more.

These are social issues that lead to greater challenges of mental illness that has created our homeless population. Many of these people are looking for hope to a better way of living, however society judges them regarding that status leaving them to die without regard to question why?

I ask why and study the streets internally as I drive and mingle with the people… My life has been impacted from childhood with family mental illness along with my own mental struggles of depression. My struggle has become less superior as I continue to address those I work with WHY!

I find the our mental health challenge WHY, being a vicious circle and cycle. Our people are not getting mental help nor are they encouraged that there is hope. Communities and cities are not pulling together to create adequate housing nor sufficient psychiatric health from within the mental health system which means America needs to study and come together! The Government nor Political leaders are really focused on the welfare of Americans. There you have our homeless population increase in a small summary.



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