I have the power to create

Are you mentally asking for things you do not want?

What I mean is in most people do not understand how powerful they are. They read the Bible and stories relative to the Bible however they refrain to use the stories to change their minds on the mental and spiritual level.

Focus your intention on what you want and not what you do not want.

I am no longer afraid of being who I am…

I can do all things through Christ in me.

I can keep my focus on my desires …

The universe supports my thoughts

I am thankful for healing …

I am overcome poverty by receiving my truth, which is wealth….

Iam happy, because I create my happiness…

I see and visualize the house I desire…

I am not afraid to see nor learn beyond what I have learned already

Remember life is and experiment… don’t be afraid to change what’s not working to find what will work.

Email me to let me know your intention came to pass



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