Unite in prayer

Praying as one body!

We are blessed to day Father God for having your grace in our lives. You have brought us from such a long mighty way. You have blessed each us with another day to awaken and look at life from your beautiful vision. We love you and thank you renewed Minds, for renewing and refreshing our souls. We thanks you for a new way of doing things. We say out with the old ways of thinking and welcome the ushering in of your spirit by submitting totally to your will and your way as it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that’s comes out your mouth Father. So lead us into the mysterious and truth, liberate us and give us the power to take back all that belongs to us. We pray as one body for families, communities, cities, states, government, political leaders, and the president. Father we pray for unity in foreign affairs and congruency with leaders of foreign lands. Let there be peace in this world you gave us and give us all wisdom and knowledge to be responsible in the decisions we make concerning ourselves, those around us and the world 🌎! We bind all dark forces and release the forces of light! We call the arch angels of the hour to fight for the body of Christ and the families. Save souls and deliver those bond! In Jesus name

Kim Warner


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