New dimensions

As I stepped out of my door this morning I found myself in a new dimension. I saw the house, car, and money I desired. It was the presence of God letting me know He was meeting me in the promise given to me at the foundation of my life.

It is not the material however that I gleam in this journey of life nor the dimensional activation. It has been the courage and curiosity to follow the vision s and prompting of the Lord beyond family, friends, and work relationship thoughts.

Many roads led me to heart break yet then again I rise with Him! Many setbacks and many pitfalls, yet then again I rise in Him! Regardless of the shame, defaming, hurt, betrayals, and rejection I kept my mind on the promise and it never ceased to amaze me that I rise above the issues that life presented.

It’s not easy but it is worth it to stand for something where you continue to believe in what you desire rather than believing what you see in the natural. Always keep in mind the natural is and illusion on opinions and beliefs.

In reference to the feelings they are just that. Feelings change minute by minute posing different thoughts on the subconscious mind. Therefore regardless of the hurt and suffer find your ability to experience gratitude for something in your life!

Kim Warner


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