You can do this!

Thought for the day:

What do you say about yourself? Are you living and being someone’s opinion of you or are you being who you were created to be, and opinion God created?

In our journey we often mistake our identity to be based on family ideas and desires, thoughts from the world and societies persuasion, tv. Etc. We even base our identity on friendships and marriages. While these ideas we take from the world and people around are not all bad, we often times find a breakdown in our personal inner system because we have not paid attention to our inner spirit saying, “look within to find your way to creating a sustainable you”, which is the IAm presence within each of us.

Our strength would truly be utilized in higher dimensional levels not to mention the joy we could experience as we listen to the inner prompts to retreat within to commune with our spirit man.

The point of all this is to lose ourselves in Christ, that’s right as we enter into Christ kingdom (which is within you and me)we lose the ego. The ego is the mind of man who doubts our capabilities, the voice saying we’re not enough , I’m not able.

However Our greatest achievement is to gain the mind of Christ, who says I Am the redeem living an experience that I chose, I overcome, and I am no ones opinion, but Gods.

Making these type of choices pinpoints self acknowledgement marking and identity that makes you and I stand out from the rest! Lean on God within you for your strength is made perfect as you turn within to win!

Philippians 4

13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Kim Warner


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