Divorce and separation

Thought for the day:

Divorce and separation is one thing when you have no children, but to the parents that have children divorce and separation can leave a stain on your child that will last for a life time. If your in the mist of trying times regarding a relationship and children are involved do some deep searching to help in analyzing the situation. In most cases communication is a problem, due to different environmental upbringing. The other issues that rise are incompatibility, self- centeredness, and a persons desire for lust.

Let’s picture the days of antiquity when parents chose their children husband and wives before birth, which is called arranged marriage. These marriages were arranged from the foundation of culture and business rather than love. The arrangements supported sustainability for generations and continued productivity. However in this age we tend to focus on love more than the aspects of the couple creating business and culture for the families and legacies to come.

While I believe love is key, the components of culture and business to finance a family matters. I believe balance can come in families when we rewrite aspect or entertain changes that need to be made.

In most cases we go into relationships unprepared. Our intentions might be to have the pleasures sex gratify, but during that 2 minute gratification we produce a pregnancy we’re not ready or equipped to handle.

I have personally experienced this way. My offering in writing is to present the reader and opportunity to look at a way that offers knowledge of self, then taking the relationship and children into consideration maturely. A relationship is due to fail with unpreparedness. However, when prepared the options are greater at being successful because more time has been invested in the structure of how you want to create your life financially, mentally, and spiritually, which offers your family sustainability in the years to come.

Think of things you can change about yourself:

  1. Gain self discipline in areas causing problems in your relationship.
  2. Listen more during conversations
  3. Look at financial barriers and add new ways of creating finances
  4. Be honest regarding your mental position in the relationship, meaning are you right in your heart or is your heart a mess
  5. Get In tuned with your spirit

Proverb 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Meditate on wisdom and knowledge!

Thanks Kim Warner

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