Connections are vital

Thought for the day:

Connections are vital, more than anything God has desired for humans to connect to support and become pillars for one another.

We are connected to our families, friends, and communities without a doubt but consciously we have not been aware of the vitality connection brings. As families we have struggled with whose right and whose wrong, negating to move beyond the self centered ego.

Throughout time we have exhibited so many features of what the world showed us we were to be causing confusion within the reality God and the universe called us to be.

Well there has never been a time of separation warranted by the creator! Creation was never meant to live or work alone. This separation theory of you are greater than someone else and fighting for power is mans mindset. The leaders who painted the way of life we have been living. What they have designed are structures for their families to thrive, leaving some of us disadvantaged. However the myth is being unveiled!

Move away from unconscious separation by awakening to the schemes of the system and powers that would be! Embrace your brothers and sisters stop this fighting for material and reach for the spirt. Embrace love and union. All things are possible in spirit !

God is unity therefore we need each other to make the next portion of our journey. I have spoken many times on the power of community and I feel great to see the humanitarians coming out of the background! Humanitarianism is a language within a community of people who care about others and the earths on going production. We care about how the earth and generations to come will gleam when we’re transitioning on.

Kim Warner


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