After divorce

After divorce what do I do?

Well from my experience you get someone whose solid in conversation of therapy. This someone will not allow you to escape your faith to result to blaming anyone for the breakdown in in the relationship.

The person you chose should be neutral and free of bias information.

A person with this way will allow you to vent so that you can heal, however they will always bring you back to the truth which is, moving forward and letting go.

You see the universe makes no mistakes in its guidance initiated through and individual, however we see people to be in error when choices are made that cause us pain or viewing our desire to frown at change. But what about a better brand of what you had is coming?

Yes that’s right… maybe the season and time was over because something greater is coming your way!😃

I celebrate Gods sovereignty, to think of me in such a way that He would release me from something that showed signs it wasn’t working to go forth creating a exit for me.

Now find the lesson from the relationship, heal and allow your new relationship to manifest!


Kim Warner


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