Feeling of disenfranchisement

Thought for the day:

The winds of life continue to blow in adverse to what we think and feel until we decide to change the adversarial situation.

While Christ is the way in many of our lives we lack understanding on how to eradicate situations were in that emotionally drain us. In most cases we have been taught to blame people when we are the captain of our ship. First step is :Take accountability, look at your past and tell you your committed to change. Find what really needs changing. Now look at your future and own the fact that you may need to deal with past issues before your able to receive a prosperous future.

Pain has to be tamed from the perspective of its nature, meaning the origin the pain originated in. Like a person from one city will revisit that city because it’s their home town. There is and origin of pain and where it began. The emotions are coming up because they signal us we need to overcome this rage anger or feelings of disfranchisement.

When we find this we are able to move on in life. Until then we’re stuck with emotions we do not understand. Take Jesus, look at his success with speaking to the wind (emotions) and telling it to submit to His command. He had power to tell the wind to cease because of his knowledge intimately with storms of life. He mastered His own and went on to teach others on the concept!

Kim Warner

Support groups starting next month online and at Renewed Mind.

Inbox me on how to be a part or call 7026296555


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