My favorite quote “Know Thyself “ a child’s search

Thought for today:

“Know thyself” is and Ancient Greek aphorism found in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Philosophers such as Plato and Socrates would teach the meaning of know thyself and these words would travel through time assisting people like you and I to pounder truly who we are.

For many have traveled the road that leads to others knowledge, but looked away from traveling the road of self-knowledge. Why is this when you and I have been the ones experiencing anger, frustration, setbacks, disappointments, and struggles? Could we imagine that God is knocking on the door of our hearts through pain by allowing these things or that our choices were leading us to a place of true responsibility regarding creation? Is it possible we had not taken responsibility from the proper perspective of what we’re called to do here in the earth?

These issue we experience lead to brokenness… our hearts have been bruised and misused, but we’re not victims, because as you turn within you become acquainted with your true self, the Christ within! That’s right… Christ lives within man as a treasure hidden in a secret place. God knew man would search outside of himself for life, which shows the dedication or lack of dedication to mastery. Master’s are in search of their true self and because it’s and hidden treasure the master will seek within as there is know other place to search but within to escape the paralyzing issues of the outer world.

Know thyself from your heart, your heart, your pain, and turn the misfortunes into gain

Live from the heart for the secret to life is in the core of your being!

Kim Warner


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