Prayer for families and communities

Our Father who art in heaven, we plead the Blood of Jesus over our hearts and minds. We ask you to purge and purify us of anything not like you. We ask you Father to take all things that are not like you out at the root! Root it out so can not live again. Create in each of us a clean heart and renew the right spirit in us; do it in our families and children! Clean up the heart of our neighbors and communities Father! Move by your power and your spirit. Strengthen us to be able to tolerate the days to come. Give us focus and steadfast to win the race and let nothing of the world hinder our work and progress for your Glory. Unite us with you and your will as we agree and say yes Lord again! We yield to you God of the whole earth and heavens! Have your way in our lives, we belong to you! Preserve our lives in you. Create walls of fire to protect your people and keep them and their families safe. Order their steps that no sin or iniquity would grab them. Bind up sorcery, voodoo, black magic and any type of witchcraft Santeria, hexes and vexes that may have been sent our way. In Jesus name. Break the power of the would be gods. Bind poverty, lack, mental illness, confusion, pride, strife, incubus, sucubus, python, leviathan, jezebel and the cobra snake with your fire Holy Spirit. Assassinate all our enemies and make them like Oreb and zeeb in Jesus name. Father your word says anything we ask in Jesus name would be done. These are your words. You said you would guide us and protect us. We’ve given tithe and offering so that the windows of heaven would pour out in every way so thy Kingdom would come! Let it rain Holy Spirit we pray in the mighty matchless name of Jesus for the reign of your spirit to move in the earth. We’re blessed in the city we’re blessed in the field, we’re blessed coming and going! Our hands are Blessed, our-minds are blessed! Glory to God we thank you for heeding to our prayers. Anoint the politicians to hear your words and follow your will. Let there be peace in the mist of it all so shall we continue to praise and lift up your Holy Name in Jesus name! Amen!

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