Christians gossip and display jealousy…

Jealousy, Gossip and the Christian
When you talk about others that means your a gossip. You spread news having no thought of your own actions. You are also unconscious to the fact that judging others causes you to experience what you have spoken concerning them.
When you are jealous of others that means your a coward in regards to what you can do yourself. Cowards have a fear have taking risk, don’t blame anyone because your afraid to grow and experience the promise of God. Christians are experiencing great challenges in the church regarding jealousy and gossip. I wont stop, but I will say look at how your words are working for you? And then take a look at your heart. If your truly a Christian plead the blood over your thoughts and actions and make that change. God loves us all in spite of our faults. The Lord only ask that we own our error and come to Him to release the old man and receive the new!
Kim Warner


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