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Investing into Darkness

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True Vine

You can listen to the book of Nehemiah as we discuss the adversities he faced as God grace him with elevation. From cup bearer, to builder, to Governor.

The theme is motivation and encouragement in the face of adversity, yet never leaving your God given mission.

Being called into leadership, having no limitations on being who you were created to be. How many of us are called? But how many of us answer the calling on our lives?  We have to move out of our own way so God can use the “Greater works in you” to lead a nation!

Sacrifice coming from the heart, Fruits of our labor How much are you willing to sacrifice? We tend to hold on to things that are important to us in our “Opinion”. But how much are you willing to release to come into what god has for you?

Let us know your feelings, what your looking for what you received.

Thanks for listening !

God rss you!

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