Servant of the Servant

Reading Servant of the Servant I found myself relating to Joshua, because I have always been a dreamer. I can relate to him having told his brothers about the dream that changed his life. All through my childhood I would dream of things to come. I would talk to family members out of sheer wonder and find some accepting and some telling me I was crazy. Like Josephs siblings my sister and brother betrayed me and sold me out.
However, the rejection and denials of my dreamer experiences would not bother me until later in my life. I think as a child it’s easier to accept your having different experiences than others, because of the child like thinking. As I moved into the latter years I begin to experience more rejection, isolation, and ridicule, because I had a different perspective regarding the word of God. I would find solace accepting I was peculiar as Titus 2:14 says, Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.
What characteristics and experiences do you see in yourself and life that resemble Joseph. Characteristics that stand out regarding Joseph and myself are being resilient during setbacks, because the setbacks have been numerous. The setbacks however, have taught me forgiveness because of unfailing love for the Father (P26). From the Fathers perspective, I begin to see people are hurting, which in most cases is why jealousy in the heart allowing betrayal to rise in a loved one occurs. My point is with a heart like Christ we begin to ask God to pardon our enemies sin toward us asking God as Jesus, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”
It’s not easy going through repeated setbacks, nor rejection at all, but when you see and believe the purpose of God in your life, your faith in the promise kicks in. I believe Joseph believed God and stood steadfast through the power of his spirit man. Often when I read the Biblical text of Joseph’s pit experience humility and focus he displayed encourages me to press forward toward the high mark in Christ.
Isolation was a part of Joseph life, which will call the individual with similarities to Joseph walk to quiet time with God. Through isolation we’re able to get a clear understanding on hearing from God if we recognize and take the time with God serious. Isolation sharpens the gifts within us like Joseph in prison practicing patience until his prevailing day comes. I am sure he had much time to pray while imprisoned, which gave him time with the Lord also strengthening his inner faith and relationship with God. Inevitably, Joseph has divine favor on his life and him being a covenant keeper moves him through the challenges that came his way (P23).
I want to be faithful like Joseph as well as Debra in my calling, distributing unwavering integrity and faithfulness. I would also like to display the strength and humility Joseph walked in, looking over temptation as he did with Potiphar’s wife (P25).
Howell, Don N. Jr. Servants of the Servant: A Biblical Theology of Leadership. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2003.

Kim M. Warner
K.I.M.R 94.5


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The past is loss

Good morning, 

I hope you all slept well! At any moment I can I love to read and study the word. The other thing i love is sharing the word. The word of God is life transforming. People all over the world are going through things. This scripture in Philippians stood out to me this morning. Philippians 3:7 But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.8 Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ.

Paul explains his acceptance regarding the changes in his life as he transformed in to Christ likeness. His former days and life were as dung to him meaningless. 

Christians often forget yesterday day being past tense holding on to things of old, causing life to be stuck and stale. But there is a glorious day when we will appreciate the resurrection of Christ embracing the letting go of former things. Yesterday’s hurt, last month disappointment, and last year back set is dead and gone for Christ is the center of our thoughts.

Joy and happiness is in the resurrection! Think on the goodness of Christ and less of the things that seemed to be loss. Remember what God has for you is for you. If by some chance you wake up finding life changing experiences embrace it all. By embracing it you let Christ know His work is worth it and you trust Him with your life as you confessed! 

Amen ! God bless you all and let’s pray for those going through storms and coming out of storms!

Blessings Kim

Leadership wisdom when working and witnessing to people

     Team work makes dreams work we often confess in our office. We all believe in Christ but there are a few that gave us the ability to witness to them watching the fruition of the word manifest. The other thing we must be mindful of when witnessing is identifying those who are devils! That’s right because in every good work there will be a devil planted in the camp, who is sent to sabotage the plans of the Father. Even Jesus had a devil in His camp.

    Read: Then Jesus replied, “Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!”John 6:70. The first time this word came alive to me I said wait a minute why would Jesus allow the devil to be in his mist? Then the answer came to fulfill the prophecy. The victory is among you, but in the case of recognizing a betrayal situation we must be prayed up enough to know if were dealing with Deliah, Jezebel,  Haman, or Judas.
     In our mission we need to have the practice of our ministry to first approach the Holy spirit for wisdom, because of the betrayal spirit as well as the spirit of false burdens that come to attach itself to leaders. David made inquiring of God a practice of his, because he depended on the Lord for the answers not himself. By praying about all things even witnessing we find ourselves in line with the will of God but also covered from the rebellious and resistant nature of and individual who might possess a satanic spirit.

Food for thought, because we are told through the word that all will not be with Christ in eternity, because they believe not in their hearts  we as Christian Leaders must accept what we’re working with.

    Christ tells the Jews and religious men, John 6:43 Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are  dead. But those who eat my body will rise with me in the last day John 6:50. My point is the word confirms we need to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove when fishing to avoid pit falls.

     Samson was chosen of the Lord, but he did not recognize Delilah as a person planted by Satan, which cost him to fall in lue of his mission to overcome the Philistines. While there is a sexual connotation added to the situation Samson experienced we can still use Samson situation to understand the device of Satan and the need to pray about people were fishing for regarding salvation (Howell, 2003, P60). Getting back to the point,  teams are unified by the spirit of God when their hearts and minds jointly fit like the body of Christ explains. Teams recognize the enemy in their camp and teams stand together against the enemies plan to conquer and divide Gods plan! 

Glory to God!
Howell, Don N. Servants of the Servant: A Biblical Theology of Leadership. Eugene, OR: Wipf  & Stock, 2003

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Seers seek

Seekers seek from within which is why seers received visions. There is however a discipline to seeking, the seekers must understand the need to go within discovering the true world of spirit. While practicing meditation to discover the inner world the seeker will eventually find him or herself receiving knowledge of what their deligently seeking through prayer or meditation. Seers are rewarded with knowledge only because of the prayer connection which is were the beginning of manifesting happens!

Kim Warner 

Being aware of attachments

I walked down the stairs of my home this morning and became aware that the home I live in is a part of my past. This is not to offend anyone but to let me know that things that the father is changing within me regarding acceptance is working. One might look at the scene as a disappointment as well as a need to scold those involved, but there is a need to identify with what the atmosphere is saying. 

The truth of the matter is that I have been praying for a new residence, my thoughts to embrace things that are happening all around me signal a green light regarding new housing and vibrant changes.

As I contemplate the circumstances that surround me tears roll down my cheeks. Thoughts come to mind, what am I to do? I am afraid, I am so alone as I am on this journey, no one really understands. I ask the Lord how to process all I have seen and emotionally experienced this morning and the past years that still resonates pain. A lot of the emotions have to do with releasing the old and embracing the new we have not seen manifested yet. The other thing would be releasing the last bet of control that tells us to hold on to what’s already gone or better yet allowing ourselves to see how we become attached to earthly things when we say we’re not attached. Jesus said it so eloquently, to follow the way of the Lord means we must release ourselves of earthly attachments. 

Discipline is apart of of the Disciplines nature when letting go, hence he or she finds the nature of Mastery through the actions they display when letting go. 

The songstress says, “my life is not my own to you I belong. I give myself away.” The emphasis is to focus on “I give” … when things seem out of control it’s a sign to give, surrender, because there is no winning over the inevitable. Give it to the Lord, let go, because nothing really belongs to us. 

So I began to feel better realizing I am a stranger in this land as the Bible says. I yield myself to the experience I’m in trusting God to lead me to my expected end or in this case ( laughing out loud) my new resident!

I asked myself again, “what am I doing” and “what’s happening?” I heard the words ” your simply being”… and I started laughing while tears where running down my face,  because I am in total agreement, ” I am simply being”!

Kim warner 

Tricky faith

FaithFaith is a tricky word as well as a tricky practice because most people believe it’s and outside practice. You will hear many people say I have faith because they have practiced natural faith meaning believing from from the outside realm. However true believers practice from within, meaning they visualize as God did teaching Jeremiah chapter 1, before whatever their hoping for manifest. True spirituality practice begins when the individual utilizes his or her power within initiating faith to create their desire. With Jesus teachings there was never and outside demonstration before the demonstration took place inside, this is why Jesus encouraged the woman at the well by saying they that worship me must worship in spirit and truth. Spirit and truth is not found in the world or through natural sense, spirit and truth is found inside the seeker.

So today we take a chance on doing something new by first setting aside the old way of doing things and take the chance of practicing a new way of faith by seeing those things as they are from the sight of God. We are reminded that our emotions must line up with this inner faith to actually motivate the power within us. 

Forgetting what lies behind … I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.—Philippians 3:13, 14

Kim warner 

K.I.M.R 94.5


Equality has been a problem in the world for as long as we have lived and before, whether the problem stemmed racially, religiously, within marriages and families, culturally or influencing one mentally.However when we research the circumstances throughout time we find answers that broaden our perspective as well as perception. Perception is how we perceive things mentally, how we think about the affects and outcomes. Perspective is the position we stand in regarding the situations and how we feel about the situation, like does it matter or do I feel compelled to do something regarding equality. The question would be how you stand on equality today? Do you look at equality on a vast level meaning universally or do you view equality only from the perception of what you’ve been taught? Do you feel a change needs to come and will you be one to start a movement of change? Have you inquired of the Lord to understand the issues of equality and last of all do you care about the word equality regarding how you are affected and those around you ? 

Galatians 3:28

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

What are you doing regarding equality today?
Kim M. Warner

K.I.M.R 94.5