Success for the day … join us tonight

Good morning, the success in your day begins with what you think about when you first open your eyes. This morning the spirit spoke Psalm 27:10 to me.

Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me. As I lay with my eyes closed thinking on this scripture I thought of others who were and are in the position of being forsaken by parents. But I see

forsaken to mean many different things to people depending on the environmental upbringing. The forsaken by my parents did not register in mind though…

The fact that God had a word of encouragement for me is what stuck out taking any stress and havoc that tried to enter my mind away from the day and anything I’m currently dealing with was the blessing I focused on. Many people focus on the hurt, the pain, and losses rather than the blessings.

When I focus on the losses and pain where is my gain? I find no blessings in focusing on the pain first thing in the morning , however I do fine the blessings when I shift my mind to Gods goodness and grace over my life. You see God and it’s omnipotent presence can do all things!God can do exceedingly abundantly more than any man or woman could comprehend. Therefore I am grateful to know that when my mother and father forsakes me God has been my help from the foundation of the earth and my birthing!

We will share more ways to look at the scripture and how to use them tonight! Blessings have a great day!

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Being transparent and vulnerable 

I was driving down the highway crying out to the Lord today. I have been in so much pain and know one really knows. 

Can anyone relate? 

Pain in my body, pain in my mind and no one could relieve the pain, but God. Today it was more than I could bare… I began to weep and then I saw a vision of a woman touching Jesus Garment. 

Matthew 9:20

King James Bible

And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment…

The woman with the issue of blood so to speak is where the vision took me. All of a sudden I saw her reaching and the voice of the Lord said press your way through the crowd of thoughts. He said, to me your thoughts are the crowd your pushing through. Your thoughts are blocking you, the thoughts are hindering you! My God !!! Have you ever experienced your thoughts blocking you from seeing clearly or understanding that your thoughts are the very reason your breakthrough hasn’t came? I was so happy because at least I had heard from God and felt His encouragement! So I did just what the Lord said! I pushed pass the thoughts, by praying and praising harder. I prayed harder in my spiritual language as well because I could feel my deliverance was before me. And there it was in a matter of minutes the mental pain and physical pain was gone! Glory had arrived! I could see clearly and I felt so much better.

K.I.M.R 94.5

Narcissis thinks he’s perfect 

Perfect love! Perfect love cast down all fear! John 4:18There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

We all fear making things work right, getting to work on time, choosing the correct makeup, wearing the right outfit, saying the right things, being dominant in situations (narcissistic)and even having the right mate. Well what if we took this moment to realize things are working out right, because we are under divine order in Christ? We would have different thoughts regarding what we’ve been going through having the where with all to embrace the situation or even the lesson we’re in, because we would understand our position in life is not being perfect but acquiring love. We would understand deception or not knowing our position in life is the devils vice and it means for us to think of the situation as bad convoluting (confusing) our thoughts, but God wants us to look for the good in the situation humbling each of us to receive love.

Whether we know it or not we’re all here to learn… when we get the fact that life is a school of learning teaching us what we need to know we will relate much better embracing, (“I messed up let me try again”)!

Let me give you a hint …perfectionist have narcissistic behavior which is satanic. Perfectionist push people away, because they have all the answers, they do not need to learn or understand anything from anyone.

Unlike Gods children who are humbled taking the bitter with the sweet, in most cases broken enough to know the changes they need to make are pleasing to the Father. They understand when they accomplish there goals regarding change, which always starts with personality flaws, love, gratitude, and joy will become a part of their portfolio because they are happy they were able to change. Gods children also know they have help from the spirit realm unlike, perfectionist. Think about yourself and the love of Christ, then find your changes and learn the lessons God has you experiencing!

God bless you! Share the message!

K.I.M.R 94.5

Beat the odds with God 

Good morning, there maybe something God spoke into your life you fill is not happening or that you feel you cannot fulfill. The key is understanding it is not you, your flesh that was called to do the deed. It is God in you. God in you called His or Herself into the world to master the things our forefathers did not. This means you will not and cannot fail when you look at yourself as a spiritual vessel. A spiritual vessel understands he or she embodies the spirit of Christ which is unfailing, with that being said that spirit filled vessel understands there is a champion inside of them!That champion (spirit of God within) can only be used by the vessel accepting all things began in the spirit realm, which Genesis chapter 1 explains verse by verse. Romans 8:28 says, 

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

The called have awakened to the inner still small voice. The called understand they cannot get up in the morning without prayer and devotion. The called find themselves lost without looking to the invisible realm, meaning seeking the kingdom is priority for them. The other thing we need to clear up is that the called are not only those building churches and speaking on platforms, but those who realize there is a need in our communities to build Gods children… 

Beat the odds by allowing your spirit to take control of your life. Not you controlling your life, but the spirit of God within you controlling your life. Allow the prophecy over your life to walk you into position. Allow yourself to be lead. The breakthrough you have been waiting on could very well be in your prayers to understand something you thought was good for you actually needs to be changed or eliminated.

Beat the odds today by being a vessel used by God! Blessings!

Please share with someone!

K.I.M.R 94.5

A seed shall change the posterity 

Good morning, psalm 22:30

A seed shall serve Him. That seed shall come to life after germination in the womb (tomb) and change a dying family, a lineage of divorce, and separation. It shall speak to mountains through courage and boldness. This seed shall say lack be bond, sickness be sent back to hell, woman you are loosed!That seed shall touch communities teaching simple people the wisdom of the Lord and that seed will go on to touch cities and nations healing the issues at hand! Will that seed be you or is it in your children ? Will you answer the call to be used as a vessel to be a change agent for your family, community, city, state and nation? Will you shift climate and action of a dull posterity to reap a prosperous posterity? A posterity that will serve Him; so that future generations will be told about the Lord and the kingdom of God that lives within them will flourish so lack and death will never dwell in your culture again?

We have nevada, California, Texas, Virginia, Kentucky, New Jersey area, Florida, Baltimore and Michigan which is 8 different states and cities that frequent the conference call and those I work with and talk to for the purpose of kingdom building . Awesome people of God understand that your life started as that seed as well as your children Take confidence in knowing greatness lives within you and cultivate it to beat the odds !

God bless your day!

K.I.M.R 94.5


The news is filled with stress and anxiety 

Good morning Because of what we see and hear from the news, social media, and radio we tend to take on the attributes not realizing the anxiety and stress from the information is able to attach itself to us. When seeking information the spiritual way, which is our first nature due to the fact we were first spirit then born flesh our first habit to find information should be seeking God. 

Matthew 6:33  

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” 

King James Version (KJV). 

What is it that your seeking from the news that God cannot tell you or give to you, when God created technology and t.v. Through man? God knew the news before hand that the news casters and social media platforms would circulate even today. If there is anything affecting us or we feel we need a change in say, for instance the world and the issues, why wouldn’t we seek the kingdom of God first? I mean isn’t that why people watch the news? Because they’re seeking information?However the scripture Matthew 6:33 is reminder of how to start our day alleviating the attachments and dependence of worldly vices. 

When we move away from these attachments we find our anxiety and stress levels lessened. Think about it and while your thinking have a beautiful day!


K.I.M.R 94.5

Enjoy your life when it seems unenjoyable😂


Kim M. Warner

K.I.M.R 94.5