Devotion with your soul

Devotion with your soul is a 25 day series of readings and meditations
Welcome to your brand new vision of life!
Congratulations on taking the first step into this new phase of your life.
Moving forward, allowing negativity and self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns to flow out of our lives can be a scary step to take.
But by just lifting this book, allowing the love and energy to flow from it into your hands, you have shown that you have already made that choice.
The choice to love fully and to share your love with the world.
The transition from one phase of your life to the new, wonderful, love filled phase, can be chaotic and through the meditations in this book, I will help you to adjust, open yourself to the Universal Love and Light and move forward with joy in your heart.
You will be asked questions, taken through short meditations and given quotes to ponder.
I am honored that you have chosen to allow me to walk by your side as you develop your spirituality. I can assure you by contemplating and meditating each day on the reading for the day, in just 25 days you will develop a greater understanding of yourself, your Divine Mission and the path you will walk through in your life.
You will have welcomed a deeper, purer love into your life, releasing negativity, also welcoming in positivity and light.
These meditations are designed just for you, to enable you to question your perceptions and to grow into the wonderful creature of love and light that you were always meant to be.
I know you will enjoy this journey.
Thank you for allowing me to walk with you for the first 25 days of the rest of your life!
Kim Warner

Day One
Do you have Grasshopper vision or the vision of a Giant?
Make the conscious choice to see as a Giant!
Vision as a Giant is massive, far seeing and comes from a place of deep love of and for life!
The vision of a Giant allows us to understand that by sharing our love and light with others we are helping to grow the Kingdom of Heaven.
And this surety, this knowledge, comes from a place of love within our hearts. A deep love which leads to a heartfelt desire and need to share our love and light with all those we come into contact with.
Visionaries who see as a Giant, share their love and prosperity in all things with others, confident that God and the Angels will always provide for our needs.
Our Divine Mission involves us bringing love and peace into our own lives and the lives of those around us.
So, see as a Giant!!
Trust God and His Angels and choose to carry on the work God has given you.
See your part in joining with others to build the vision that God designed.
Use your love and light to spread love and joy to all you encounter.
And know that God and His Angels surround you with love and light your path.
Thus the vision of a Giant allows us to release the negative feelings that we have in our heart due to past hurts and situations.

Meditation for Day One
Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Lightly close your eyes. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Allow yourself to relax and be aware of how your hands are rising and falling as you breathe.
Allow yourself to feel a deep relaxation and the warmth that surrounds your heart as you welcome in the love and light of Heaven.
Quote for Day One



Day Two
Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus; the Author and Finisher of our faith keeps our minds directed in the right direction. The direction of allowing negativity to flow away from us as we bring positivity, love and light in to fill our hearts and beings. When we allow our hearts and minds to look away from Jesus, we become caught up in the chaos of everyday worries and cares. We need to understand that part of our Divine Mission is to be peaceful and happy. Worrying about relationships, finances and other situations brings negativity into our lives. Know that the Heavens, God and His Angels, want only the best for us. Desiring a happy, peaceful life is not selfish! Wanting to be happy, knowing that we actually deserve to be happy, is the start of a deep understanding of God’s Plan for each of us. When we face challenges, we have to remember that Heaven will always send the best to us. And even when we feel lost and alone, we should remember that God and His Angels surround us with love and light, sending us the best. When obstacles arise, don’t lose faith. Just know this is Heaven’s way of guiding us to the best there is. There is an old saying and it rings true “when one door closes, another opens.” It is so easy to fall into the trap of negative thinking and self-sabotage. And in those feelings, only deceit and fear lie. Don’t give your challenges power over your life by focusing on them! Instead, focus on the seeing yourself happy and positive, living a life full of peace and love. God said have no other God before him. We are to keep our minds on Him. Concentrate on the positives that lie ahead and release your worries and cares to Heaven.

Meditation for Day Two Building on the breathing from Day One.

“See yourself building and creating whatever your heart desires. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!”

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Day Three

We must first love ourselves before we can share

our love in a meaningful and fulfilling way with


Only by understanding that we are worthy of love

and that we are valued can we truly share the love

and light that is a vital part of our Divine Mission

on Earth.

Know that God created you! You are a perfect

creation! And by loving yourself you are inviting

more love into your life!

Loving yourself, forgiving yourself and knowing

that you are worthy of love is the key to healthy

relationships with others.

It is also the key to releasing negativity about


The Commandments gifted to us by Heaven, from

God, tell us to love God with all our might.

And in doing so, in committing ourselves to love,

we learn the meaning of true love; for ourselves,

and then we can start to share that deep fulfilling

love with everyone we come into contact with.

Release negative thoughts and feelings. Breathe

them away and breathe in the positive light and

love from Heave and the Angels.

When we follow the example of Christ, loving the

twelve who followed him, despite their faults

toward him, His love for them was true and pure.

He did not blame them for sleeping while he

suffered in his prayers in the Garden of

Gethsemane. He did not lash out in anger at the

friend who betrayed him with a kiss.

His example is one to be emulated. Love others,

forgive them, and see their actions with


Do not pity, fear, or hate.

Release all negativity and understand that they too

have issues in their lives. You can only be

accountable for yourself.

Understand that we are all on our own paths, and

that we are all accountable to ourselves to grow


See your situation being full of love and happiness

and peace.

And know that it will be.

Meditation for Day Three

Start by making yourself comfortable in a safe

place. Breathe in a circular motion until you feel

relaxed, at peace and surrounded by love.

Allow yourself to send love to every part of


Forgive yourself. Love yourself.

Know that you are a creation of God and that you

are perfect.

Feel that love fills your entire being.

Slowly feel the love expand until you can send it

out to all of your family and friends.

Don’t worry about naming them, just intend that

the love will flow from you to all of those in your


Enjoy the relaxation and enjoy the love.

Quote for Day Three

“You shall love the Lord your God with all

your heart, and with all your soul, and with all

your strength, and with all your mind; and

your neighbor as yourself.”


Devotion with your soul

Day Four
Matthew 6:31-34, John 18:33-38 What is the kingdom of heaven? Is it an actual place or is it a condition? Must we die to attain a heavenly state? Why did Jesus discuss the kingdom with the scribe and tell him he was not far from the kingdom? All questions that we can meditate on to help us understand love and forgiveness. Questions that will help us take another step on our path of spiritual awareness. The truth concerning prosperity lives within the heart of every man and woman. Open your heart to truly live in love! Release the negative feelings of anger, hurt, malice, rebellion, envy, hurt and betrayal. Allow and accept full and complete forgiveness for yourself and others. True forgiveness is a state of mind, an understanding that negative feelings and emotions are not helpful to us because they hinder our progress mentally. So we let go today of anything that plagues our minds that is not of good.

Meditation for Day Four Relax in a comfortable and safe space. Close your eyes lightly. Allow yourself to feel the love and light of Heaven surround you as you practice circular breathing. Now, visualize a shower of golden sparkles rain down onto your body. See the sparkles surround you. Feel them as they land on your body. Feel the golden sparkles of love as they melt into your body. Feel the deep love of Heaven embrace you. Feel the Angels surround and support you. Allow yourself to forgive yourself full.
Release the negative feelings of guilt and feel the golden sparkles of love feel the space that the guilt leaves in your heart and mind. Allow yourself to forgive those from your past. Release the negative feelings of guilt and feel the golden sparkles of love feel the space that the guilt leaves in your heart and mind. Allow yourself to be willing to forgive those in your present. Feel the toxins of unforgiveness melt away as the void is filled with the golden sparkles of love and light and true forgiveness.

Quote for Day Four “Release yourself from the past for the past no longer lives it is dead and gone. What we have is this day and this moment to recreate our lives through Gods will!


Day Five
Have you ever felt lost, full of fear, confused, indecisive and alone? We all have! A wilderness season. Think of Moses in the wilderness. Consider Elijah when the brook died up and the raven fed him. Remember Jesus when he fasted and was sorely tempted. Now, think of your own experiences. The wilderness seasons you have been through and may even be encountering right now. Being between jobs, experiencing mental turmoil, faced with temptations, fearful about the outcome of your situation. Know that when we most need the all-encompassing love of God, it is often the time that we find it most hard to feel it.

Because we are so focused on the negativity, we cannot see or feel the love that flows to us from God in Heaven. We may even be blocking ourselves from seeing the opportunities that are being released to us at this time from the heavens. Which is why we need to spend time understanding the effects of negativity on our lives. And then to release the toxins of that negativity to the Heavens to God and His Angels who are with us at all times. Releasing and letting go, open us up. It opens us up to hearing the guidance of that still, small voice. The voice that is guiding us with love towards our Divine Mission. Our mission of love for the people of God and the world. At times, we experience wilderness seasons because we ignore the guidance that comes to us from God, and allow ourselves to continue down a path that God is guiding us from. At other times, we experience those wilderness seasons to learn lessons of love, humility, forgiveness and the need to listen to our hearts, where God speaks with us.
It is so easy for us to follow the path of resistance, to allow others to influence us away from what we know in our hearts to be our truth and our true path. We need to understand that each of us have our own paths to walk, our own Divine Missions. We can help others as they walk their path, but we need to follow our own path. At times our paths will converge, cross, and even join. My prayer for those facing challenges is to walk through the experience with God’s guidance. Let the love of Christ be your meditation; for your meditation will become your medication. Hold love, light and forgiveness in your heart, release the fear and worry to Heaven and know that you are coming into a better time. “This too shall pass”. Release your negativity, your fear and your hurt to Christ and follow the guidance of your heart. This will cause the season of wilderness to end with peace and love and your life will return to the state that God and His Angels have for you.
Meditation for Day Five
Make yourself comfortable in a safe and quiet space. Allow your circular breathing to bring calm to your heart and deep relaxation to your body. Feel the love of Heaven surround you and know that your Divine Mission is to be safe, secure and stress free. This opens you up to help those around you who are in their wilderness season. Send out the love from your heart to your family and friends. Feel your love expand and grow. Send out your love and light to your surrounding neighborhood. Feel your love expand and grow. Send out your love and light to your city. Feel your love expand and grow. Send out your love and light to the world. Feel your love expand and grow. Relax in the knowledge that you are full of love and that you are sharing that love as Heaven desires.

Qoute for Day Five “Let the mind of Christ lead you through”.


Day 6
“But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5 KJV) It was the sacrifice that Jesus made for us through his death, taking our sins as his own that we can become free. Our prayers are heard in Heaven and we can know that we can ask for the blessings of life from God. God wants us to be happy and peaceful, and in times of trouble, when we call upon him, we can be sure that he will lift us up and keep us safe. Heaven thinks in terms of abundance, not scarcity. God wants us to call on him to ask for his help when we are facing issues such as job loss, relationship difficulties and illness. He is our Heavenly Father and he wants all of his children to be happy and well. God gave his only begotten son for our salvation. What more proof do we need of his love for us?
So, visualize that which you pray for as already being in existence and have faith in our All-Powerful and loving God, who cares for the birds of the sky and the flowers of the fields. There is none above him! He is Alpha and Omega! Almighty and worthy to be praised! Free your mind of the ‘scarcity’ thinking and of the negative emotions which hold us back. Strive to think as Christ; sending love, peace, kindness and temperance to everyone we encounter. Every day is a new day made for new things! Allow yourself to see your dreams of happiness manifested through the love and power of God, your Father!
Meditation for Day Six
Relax through the circular breathing you have been practicing for the past few days. Allow your mind to drift gently. See yourself as though from above. See how happy you are! See how healthy you are! Now see your family. See how happy and at peace they are! Extend your thinking, sending love, peace and light to everyone on the Earth. Now bring your mind back to your family. Visualize a situation that is causing you concern. Allow yourself to feel that concern for just a moment then blow it out with your breath. Feel the worry leave and float away. Now visualize that situation as you would choose it to be.
It could be enjoying a deeper love with your spouse. It could be health for your child. It could be the offer of a great new job. It could be leaving debt behind. See it! Feel it!! Know it is real!!! Thank God for his many blessings. Leave the worries with Him and return to the present knowing that you can return to the happy visualization at any time and that it will be realized.


Writer and Author: Kim Warner
Publisher: Inner Faith Wealth Builders !Evangelism
Copyright © 2015


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