It is a new season!

Have you ever felt like Dorothy in the “Wizard of OZ”? Like you woke up one day and life was not what it seemed to be prior to the moment your living in. Like you were shifted into a place where as you knew you had a past but, it exist know more?

Well if you haven’t had that type of experience image the past being in the past you simply walk away from it letting go of all attachments.

Can you process letting go? or are you afraid that something you need or want to keep might not be a part of the future you desire to walk into?

Possibly you want all your family members to go into the future with you, but what if their future was predicated on you making a decision to go first? Remember this is spiritual thought process.

What if you were the solution holding up progress regarding future blessings and generation upgrades?

What if it were you whose reading this article at this time responsibility to learn the lessons needed from the past hurts, mistakes, rejections, and take them into the future not to relive them but to help others heal?

Think about this information and email me. I love you emails!