I Am creator

Trust me, The Father says, I know what I am doing … Iam created you for this excursion and journey! Sit back learn and enjoy the ride. There was never anything you were in control of it was a matter of aligning with your mind and heart with destiny, which means you must look inside. 
Inside, inside to view what’s really given to you, this is another level of vision that brings life abundant, which is what God always intended for you!

Joshua 1:8-9

Meditation on the desired thing will bring success.



Christian rap, gospel, African and talk shows

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Morning motivation and inspirations

Many people struggle with acceptance in one way or another, but when you accept Christ in your life your accepted by the one who matters the most!
Our ACCEPTANCE of Christ will in our lives opens us up to the acceptance and receptivity of the Beloved along with the benefits of being His child.
Romans 14:8
For he that in these things serves Christ is acceptable to God, and approved of men.