Debt and statue of limitation in your state… Be certain

Debt!!! Look at statue of limitation for your state!!!!”Study and show yourself approved” before you go paying debt that’s been out there unpaid. Saturday of limitations apply.

What the Statute Of Limitations Does Not Do…

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Keep in mind when the statute of limitations expires, it only prevents a collector from winning a judgment against you when you can prove the statute of limitations has expired. It does not:

Keep a collector from filing a lawsuit against you. It can keep them from winning if you use it against them in court.

This link leads to statue of limitation on debt and other information to cure worries on debt that is past its time:


Moments of motivation and inspiration

Find yourself at the cross roads of desire and change, whatever you desire make a plan….
I found my break through when God woke me this morning. I’m still alive able to serve others with my purpose and praise God! Grateful for the trials I have been through because believing the word of God and his promises for my life brought me to expected ends. The trials also made me better, they validated my righteousness in Christ, no longer needing approval from others. Iam worked me in and through the good book, I learned how to overcome my worst enemy, which is myself. Study is key!!! We must come to understand ourselves, as Socrates and the greater thinker stated Know Thyself!
However whatever we pray for needs a written ending you know? As well as our desire for things to change we must be transformed in mind and body to know all things are possible through Christ and let it be so, let the change in us take place. Write your plan, write your way out of debt, write your emotional drama down, your feelings, write the issues concerning your marriage down, write concerning your family restoration or the unity you desire for it, write what you desire for your job or career, write even concerning the business you desire to open or progress, but by all means begin with writing your plan.
Your plan is a vision that the Spirit of the Lord visits when you pray. Give God and His angel a written assignment. God told Habakkuk write your answer and make it plain. Even the Bible is written words completed through inspiration God left for His children to Lead them to the promises of life.
Habakkuk 2:2
Then the LORD said to me, “Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.
Amen… begin today reaffirming your blessings in writing, you just never know what blessings will manifest!
God bless you in Christ!


House divided

Most families are divided because of the master they serve (debt). Relationships and marriages are at a disadvantage because of this culprit, most people trust it. This culprit has been allowed in our homes as if it is a friend with our belief that it would assist us in making it over when it simply brings discord , in harmony, which ultimately leads to separation and family divorce.

Debt free

Freedom will only be obtained when we unite and become debt free!
The word says, owe no debt to man.
When you owe someone you are in debt to them therefore they become your master! Notice small m in master. Break free of your slave and task master!
God bless!


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