Someone to care…

Its hard to recognize anything about yourself and others when you have little knowlege on wat your going through. However, when you come out of a relationship that left you with painful feelings and ideas, they often the things overshadow the truth. I believe we can find the love we search for when we look at what we gave in the relationship emotional, spiritually, and physically. If you planeted good you will find appreciation for yourself first and then the other person because you learned what you needed to understand from the experience and after all the negative is cleared you may find that you were loved. What a wonderful thing to know that you were loved because you gave love!

Dis-tractions distract 

Nehemiah 6:19Also they spoke of his good deeds in my presence and reported my words to him. And Tobiah sent letters to make me afraid.

This chapter is very good for those experiencing distractions, to read this with discernment in the Holy Spirit, one would begin to see themselves wasting time going back and forth answering or adhering to distractions when God sent you to build or do a certain thing. The primary call of our existence is to remember our God given nature and perform it. It is not primary that we live as humans, human nature is second cause. Stay on the wall building don’t give up on the visions and dreams Gods given you to manifest!

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In Jesus name!

Stories to inspire

Children Encouraging Children


My sister has diabetes
My sister has diabetes, people make fun of her in school.

Instead one day, a boy came up to her and said, Emma it’s alright to have diabetes your kind nice and beautiful.

Emma came home crying with tears of happiness in her eyes.

That little boy, GMH.