Do you hear HIM

Good morning,
    I want to say being careful of our thoughts is so necessary. Reading the 2 chapter of Jeremiah, Jeremiah begins his works speaking on behalf of the Lord. He speaks to Israel concerning the idol worship, even as much to say the children of Israel had followed idols and the prophets of Baal.
I begin to think of the movie, “The Letter” created from the letters Mother Theresa left behind. Mother Theresa heard the word of the Lord and followed it into the slums of Calcutta India when there was no visible means to help her benefit the people.  Adversity was right in her face, people she confided in called her thoughts foolish, but she followed God. Her superior Mother general began to complain to other superiors concerning the call of God saying she must be stopped because the girls from the convent were leaving to follow Mother Theresa. All of this adversity lead Mother Theresa to develop the “Missionaries of Charity” which is known throughout the world.
Don’t become confused when things look crazy, don’t go following after other Gods, but be sure to follow the true voice of God. The circumstances may look shakie, but God has a deeper level for His vision and visionary. Remember you are the one God choose to carry the vision forth. You are set apart, you are tested on your loyalty, you are ridiculed, you are talked about, you are left lonely like Mother Theresa only to be an instrument for God purpose and work her in the earth. But you are the one chosen to make a difference for others. Don’t give up on God because of confusion, all the issues will clear up as you spend more time in prayer looking for Gods understanding.


All is given

Praying for what we feel we need is Gods desire. His desire is not only that we advance in life , but that we have a healthy relationship with Him. Our relationship with God being healthy opens doors as those that were open for Solomon.   
1 king 3: 7 “Now, Lord my God, you have made your servant king in place of my father David. But I am only a little child and do not know how to carry out my duties. 8 Your servant is here among the people you have chosen, a great people, too numerous to count or number. 9 So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong. For who is able to govern this great people of yours?”

Give us discernment to understand how to begin and end our day in your grace Lord.

Kim warner

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Good morning and afternoon, who knows if this is true?  The term “Black Friday” originated with the practice of selling off slaves on the day after Thanksgiving. 


Because no matter what the origins of Black Friday was… People go broke during the sales of holiday seasons. Thanks giving in itself was a day of pilgrimage, but catch the twist…Slaves were sold the next day back centuries ago and the consumers are still being kept in financial bondage by running out to the stores to accommodate what looks like a great sale. 

Have we not discovered the thief yet?

They try to cover their tactics plots and plans, but even if the price is lowered why would anyone stress about material when it will diminish? Love is what we a seek… We have to realize this and serve love more in our homes, communities, work place, cities and states. Be responsible to the obligations of raising healthy minds and spirits for the kingdom.

People complain and ridicule the system we live in, yet they have no understanding of the system nor do they seek pulling out of the sensationalism of capitalism. They give to these stores as if the stores are disconnected from the matrix ( world)we live in? They allow themselves to be robbed then call on Jesus and blame God for the bills they create. Wow!

A prime teaching moment is when a person realizes he has been bamboozled by the society it was born into. I have been their what about you?

I know that people who study and show themselves approved will look into what I have written, which is the basis of anyone writing anything. 

Check out the formula Puritans + pilgrims+ slaves+food+people+thanks giving+Black Friday+ holiday+ capitalism+ America.

Why are we reprogramming our generations for debt and materialism? 

If you don’t have it to buy for them they probably don’t need it?

Of course these are my thoughts and opinions. Been there… Remember Christians worship no other God. The biggest God we face is sensationalism and materialism. We were programmed to believe in material. How do you over come let go and let God?

Duet 8:18

But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

Interesting concept. The call of understanding why bondage is still here… We believe thanksgiving is one day a year rather than understanding we are blessed daily and take this for granted. Puritans and pilgrims add nothing to the African American experience … We have a heritage to understand, yet everything they do we do. This is not about black and white separation, but identifying with why our people are positioned in consecutive suffering. We study their way of life subconsciously selling ourselves out by wanting to be like them. 

We lack understanding our own communities. Building within, you know like the twelve tribes were given land. The land was for them all to produce and make trade. Because there was no money then👀. Trade was the only way. 

Man meaning others created money, they actually conspired a system to keep themselves up and some down. 

But I know there will be some who says, what is she talking about? This doesn’t affect me, it’s not my problem. For those asking for Jesus to intervene you will find He has intervene but we haven’t paid attention to the words teaching us to live and occupy until he comes. Occupy…or we are in this world not of it. 

Never said believe that all things are yours as the world. God is against the ways of the world because they mocked His creation and made a system of selfishness. 

So I ask what’s your business and do you know others who understand the concept of community? Com-mune, and ity added means come together. Begin to circulate your money and finances within your community.

Share your gifts within your community … 

Utilize your gifts and business within a community of people that will say I support you. 

I will by your product. I will tell others about you. 

We have a community of people we share text with. Many of them do not respond for their own reasons. 

Trust can be one, time can be another, they may feel their words want be recognized, or maybe they’re receiving and do not realize the value of the content we share. 👼

Prayer is powerful but without a vision and work the people perish. You can pray all your life concerning money and even blame God for the mismanagement, the fact is the word teaches us to prosper by uniting. They United and created Black Friday we can unite and create white Friday! 

What’s your dream , what’s your product, I believe in you. Why because God gave us all potential! 

Whose words mean more? God SAID we were the head and not the tail! Do you believe that?

Potential is what you have within and you work with it until it produces. Potential needs to be fed motivation, words of encouragement. Potential must rise with boldness like that of Christ when you been through hurt that devastates. All this means your work is truly possible but you must be in a place where you can accept the encouragement , confidence, and building that’s given. While I am believing in you and for you you must stretch into believing in you. 

Pot-en-tial pronounce this as you see it. I see pot, in, you

Potential ! Yes I’m into words… I see the pot of gold( potential) in you!

Words make us and break us. Words turn into actions. The actions were walking out daily.

Some people believe they have been receiving religious messages, but the messages have bee to help change the minds, bring freedom. There will never be freedom if we do not learn about the system we live in, the money we spend, lend, or even need more of. 

Have you ever thought you have not this thing you desire because you need to study and find out how to obtain it?

God bless you all !

Please share

Kim Warner

Fight the Good Fight (Written by: Quincy Mason)


Fighting the Good Fight of Faith
I never knew how many boxing or “fight” fans that existed in the world until the recent fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. The one thing that I recognized is that all of us are familiar with being in a fight and we can all relate to it on some level. As we know, not all fights are physical fist fights. Some fights deal with our health, finances, relationships, families, or even our soul.
Often times, being involved in a fight causes us to dig deep and take a stand for what is really important to us. Thus, all of us can draw some type of connection when boxers step into a ring to fight, which I think is a great tool of reflection for our lives, outside of the obvious entertainment factor.
Most fans will consider a fight to be great when the match involves slugging, toe-to-toe punching, busted faces, and/or knock-outs. One of the things that is highly criticized in boxing is when a fighter is good enough to master the ART of hitting without getting hit a lot. This may generate a boring fight to some, but that is an awesome demonstration of how we should fight in the battle of life. With that said, how can we transfer that same type of wisdom and ingenious behavior in our lives?
I’m learning that life will HIT you with problems when you don’t display a good defensive strategy. Scripture says that wisdom is a “defense” (Eccl 7:12). Therefore, we have to learn how to live life where we can master defensive strategies and counterpunch with aggression and urgency when necessary.
I’m discovering that strategic planning (wisdom in action) can help minimize getting hit with the so-called surprises of life. This can be done by living within your means, creating emergency funds, getting proper maintenance for your car, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, investing in your education, investing time with your family, investing in your kid’s education, investing in your spiritual growth, saving for retirement, and etc. These strategies are important because we all know that an inevitable big balled-up fist from life is coming our way sooner or later.
On the other hand, with regards to fighting back, being aggressive with these action plans after getting hit with a setback allows us to comeback with a flurry of counter-punches. Our setbacks can be a setup for a comeback, but we have to be willing to fight back! This requires intentional effort of taking the bull by the horns and saying that “enough is enough”. Once we get ahead in the fight, we can get cruise in the fight with strategic planning and defensive fighting, which minimizes us from getting hit a lot.
We are called to fight the good fight of faith, but the good fight of faith involves standing up for what we believe in, developing a plan, executing the plan, being relentless and never quitting. Amen. Be blessed.
Written By: Quincy Mason
Published by: Inner Faith Wealth Builders !Evangelism
Copyright © 2015


Open to feel (By Nita Murphy)

When I Open My Heart I Feel Love.

When I Open My Heart I Feel Joy.

When I Open My Mind I Feel Peace.

When I Do For Others I Feel Happiness.

Knowing That I Must Take One Day At A Time,

Always Keeping God First As He Orders my Steps,

Constantly creating me to be who He wants me to be,

A servant Fully Devoted to carrying out His Work, His Will and speaking of His wondrous love for All mankind. “PRAISE BE TO GOD.”

Flowers in Alaska Summer 2007

Written by: Nita Murphy

Published with: Inner Faith Wealth Builders !Evangelism

Copyright © 2015

Moments of motivation and inspiration

Coming clean~
There was a season I was offered a business and I felt God was blessing me for the next level of my life. It was a wonderful time to see the advancement of spiritual and physical times in my life. But I remember dreaming hearing The Lord say do you really want this? It will come with a price… I thought beyond the words spoken in the dream and said yes.
See owning a hair salon would be the next step to acquiring my destiny call I thought. However because I felt The Lord was on my side I took this business over and began to sink everything I had into it…
I even stopped paying my tithe in which I had learned faithfulness to tithe as a child. God had shown me how to give and understand the harvest of The Lord spiritually.
As time went by I saw adversity enter, but I thought God is on my side. Things got worse and worse it seemed. It was a inside job with friends i found to be raging war against me not to mention you meet no body but you, emphasizing much change to come in me.
I sat down one night after work and prayed, Lord what is happening? The scriptures came from the voice of The Lord read Malachi 3:8. I said nooo!
Well I went on and read it and said, God I thought you planned this business as my destiny. I thought my efforts would be understood. But will a man rob God forsaking His ways and commandments concerning the tithe I heard. To be conscious of my disobedience was heart wrenching not to mention I had not been in church the year I began this business, so where was my covering? This was a hellish time, I had experienced a nervous breakdown and didn’t even know what was wrong with me… All for the business of self, but where was God?
So I found myself convicted and no way of getting out of this but going back to the blue print God had given.
Malachi 3:8-10
8 “Will a person rob God? Yet you are robbing me! But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’ “By the tithe and the offering. 9 You are cursed under the curse—the entire nation—because you are robbing me!
10 “Bring the entire tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house. So put me to the test in this right now,” says the Lord of the Heavenly Armies, “and see if I won’t throw open the windows[a] of heaven for you and pour out on you blessing without measure.
If you find anything compelling in this writing, seek God and find yourself walking his way. God is a jealous God and the walk of Christianity began with Abraham and his Faith in the words God spoke. Believe in God always not in the ways of the world, for the spiritual system of God is unfailing! Yea thou I wait on you Lord I will wait because I know you are true to your word Father and the time I am waiting is producing a necessary fruit in my life which is called patience(Galatians 5:19 to the end). Work and wait on The Lord for He shall honor the words given to His people!
Amen and to God be the Glory for the changes he has made in you and me! Hallelujah!