Guards Be On The Watch

 Isaiah 56:1-3 Message

“Guard my common good:
    Do what’s right and do it in the right way,
For salvation is just around the corner,
    my setting-things-right is about to go into action.
How blessed are you who enter into these things,
    you men and women who embrace them,
Who keep Sabbath and don’t defile it,
    who watch your step and don’t do anything evil!
Make sure no outsider who now follows God
    ever has occasion to say, ‘God put me in second-class.
    I don’t really belong.’
And make sure no physically mutilated person
    is ever made to think, ‘I’m damaged goods.
    I don’t really belong.

It is plain and simple as we read that God is telling those who love and understand His purpose to guard his purpose in our lives and others. Salvation is the main reason we transform into Christ driven beings. Salvation is freedom from worries, strife, sickness, doubt, confusion, and all the vices we deal with as humans. On the other hand remembering were spirit beings, born of God first documents the truth concerning freedom as well as and anointing to break free from bondage in our lives. Adam was first born spirit before human (Genesis 1:26-30) Flesh was created in (Genesis 2:5-7).

However Yesterday we discussed Isaiah 56:6-8 regarding meditation. You can find it in the blog writings under “Everyone come into meditation.” The purpose of meditation is to go within, meaning to sit in a quiet space away from things that would distract us from entering into the Kingdom of God. Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of God is within.
King James Bible
Luke 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

You might say what does this have to do with Salvation or being a guard on watch? The guard is watching to protect the purpose of God. The guards and watchmen of this time are called to go deeper as well. This deeper mysteries and understanding God has called many to is over due, however its not to late. This deep means taking responsibility for your own spiritual growth by turning within, where God lives (KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITH) to discover the anointing which breaks and destroy strongholds.

Guards are watch men leading others to Christ, but they also pray for protection and growth concerning the Kingdom of Light. Guards and Leaders for the Kingdoms #1 agenda is to lead others to salvation, continuous building, and duplicating after Christ way. For instance when we look at Christ going to the mountain which means to still away from the everyday norm, to commune with God we see the need for more experience and quiet time with God. During the mountain top experience Christ met with Moses and Elijah, which means he was in the spirit communing with them. When we allow ourselves to imagine while reading the word God will unlock mysteries regarding the word to see what really is happening, which allows us to spiritually develop the way Christ is guiding us. Without the ability to see beyond the letter (the word) or following the spirit of God using imagination we continue to simply read the word losing the true meaning.  The purpose for meditation is to meet with the King intimately. I know many of you have met Him (Christ), but if your lacking in any area of your life, the seeming lack is only there because He (Christ) wants you to examine how to overcome the area. The other thing is meeting Him within to take the chance of communing on another level.

Look at the word Communion, break it down Comm-union. What do you see? I see come into union. Coming into union is like coming inside from the rain or pressures of the world and communion with God inside. This is why the guards are being led to go into the next phase of spiritual development, which is entering into the secret place of the most high to gain that spiritual empowerment, the anointing that destroys distractions, worries, and sickness. The secret place where the peace that passes all understanding resides. Take note that this article is not going into a closet in your home but into the closet of your heart in mind.


Kim M. Warner

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Where you are I am there!

Good morning to the world!!!I must say God is so good he woke each of us up this morning with mercies renewed.

The real deal at hand is the issues we deal with to day. The issue may be in our home, marriage, family, children, work related, or world related. Maybe you feel the enemy has consorted to track and attack you, and if he did its okay because just as he is tracking you or hunting you God has given you somethings to turn around and blow your enemies mind.

I had a dream that blessed my soul and I know this will bless you. I was in a house with my father, and I looked out the window and young men with guns surrounded the house. I said dad, there are guys with guns surrounding the house. Dad said nothing absolutely nothing, so I ran to look for shelter as most humans would think to do. As I looked to find a place of safety, I went into one of the bedrooms, and as I entered I looked out the window in the bedroom making direct eye contact with one of the gun men. A young kid appeared in the backyard and started fighting for my defense, I could hear him speaking on my behalf, so I hid under the bed. I thought as I was there only God can save me, these people have guns. Jesus I need a miracle! In the dream the Holy Ghost begin to exalt the gift of tongues through me.

The guy came in and began to shoot at me, I had no weapon of defense, all my life was in the balance of God saving me again as God does over and over again. Well I saw the bullets coming at me in slow motion, but I begin to see the gun turn on the gun man and the bullets returned back to the sender.

My feelings of gratitude concerning this dream is so over whelming I cant write it all. I thank God it was a message for not only me, but those who the enemy has been tormenting and tracking, letting us know that our victory is at hand through our continuous prayer, devotion, and faith.

I woke up out of the dream and was led to read Joshua 1.

In Joshua 1 I read about every thing that God gave Moses and transferred to Joshua, but my soul leaped when I read these words ” No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. 6 Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them.

The gift of the Holy spirit is just that, it is a gift! It saved my life also letting me know that it was my weapon of defense. It reassured me again no matter where I go and what I walk through God is with me. Its not that I didn’t know this, I needed to be reminded that when the enemy came to seek still, destroy, and kill, Jesus came with His abundant life. The abundant life rebuked the enemy, that abundance is the Holy Spirit moving on our behalf. The abundance in Jesus spoke and declared over our lives, “every enemy must fall under the subjection of God, every mountain must be leveled, anything the enemy sends toward us falls to the ground and it is broken and bond today in Jesus name!


Glory to God!