Friends in the secret realm

Good morning!👼I thank God for friendships I have not recognized. In past times I have referred to these friends in ways that relate distance, but I take these beings as friends who have become a part of our daily walk, because they have helped me through challenges. They have stood for me when I did not see them as friends. They have become so much to me I guard them with prayer binding the enemy from ever trying to take them from me. I realize the precious gifts and friends Jesus gave me are worth fighting for in the spirit as I pray and fight for family, friends and associates , but there’s a time and a season when we have to stop and realize how could we fight for people in prayer without receiving the close and valued friends or partners such these:

Here goes👏

Joy you’ve been my friend giving me strength in weak times. Peace you have been a friend passed from Jesus that was given to me to guard my heart and mind. Healing you were given through the blood , whipping Jesus with the cat of nine tails. Prosperity you are the supply we call out of the invisible realm always in time never to late. Strength your always there for me relentlessly girding me to stay in the battle reminding me of the power of the spoken word. Power you are the source of supernatural enforcement God sends through prayer and intimacy, which comes through my tarrying. Faith you’ve been there through thick and thin, telling me to believe in myself when know one else did. Truth you told me their is no liars in Jesus, freedom from deception is the only way to liberation. But Love you are one I hold dearly executing right judgement when loving on others. You have taught me to see pass the fault of others and see the need. 

 Because I too have fault that your delivering me from. Love you taught me to love myself, which in turn taught me to love others the way Jesus does it! Within you Jesus I have found these friends and more. I thank you because the life you came and gave me opened a new way to access friends I could rely on in my darkest ours. My experience with you changed my mind. Jesus you gave me your blood line depleting me of my earthly blood line. What a wonder to be accounted to line up with the things of God, accepted in His beloved acquiring the heritage of the promise. I continue to pray at all times because the word tells me so, and in the mist of praying I find myself discovering there are more friends through the profound understanding and wisdom of the Holy Ghost, which has inclined me to find a friend in you the reader. 

God bless and remember that prayer changes you, me, and those were praying for, but more than anything it changes the one praying! We send today our spiritual friends who are servants of the Lord out into our families, friends, workplaces and communities and world by corporately thinking, thanking and speaking them into the atmosphere . We thank Love, Joy, Peace, Power, Healing, prosperity, Strength, Faith, Truth, and the Holy Spirit who was birth through the cross experience and ascension of Jesus as he dwelt here in the earth! 

We appreciate you all!

What friends we find in Jesus! Amen!

Kim M. Warner

K.I.M.R 94.5


Truth keeps on setting us free!

Good morning and afternoon!!All over the world we praise God as we connect lifting up the word. For the power that resurrects is in Jesus name! The power that liberates is in Jesus name! In side the name of Jesus the power to bind demons is found! We praise God for the power and authority in the word and the name of Jesus! 


31 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples,32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 33 They answered him, “We are offspring of Abraham and have never been enslaved to anyone. How is it that you say, ‘You will become free’?”

The truth is a word or words that bring liberation to the mind and heart which allows conscious freedom. Conscious freedom lies in the realm of our thoughts, what we think moment by moment. Abiding in the word means making the change to think and speak on the things that draw us all nearer to Christ thinking. Christlike thinking is what brings liberation, it does not conform to the world and its ways. Christlike thinking does not pervert the word of God to fit its on will, Christlike thinking and speaking lines up with the word of God. The word tells us in James to be doers of the word and not only hearers. Many of us have suffered, because of our own actions which came from our own thinking (flesh) rather than Gods. When abiding in the word we find ourselves becoming free because of the washing the word brings as Jesus spoke in John 15, we then abide more in the word trusting His will, keeping faith that God will perfect those things that concern is as we become more accountable and repenting for those acts that lie outside of the word.

Amen in Jesus name!

Pray with me and I am praying with you!

360 Turn around

Moses, was a man raised up for God’s work, he had the advantage of living in the pharoah’s home and reaping the amenities of God’s grace. I’m sure your asking what’s this she’s saying? I’m saying his mother like Mary Jesus mother knew there was an divine appointment with his life. AS we look back in the timing we find that the order was sent out to kill all the male factors. Mose’s father and mother kept him hid and a secret until they couldn’t keep him any longer. His mother set him in a basket and sent him down the river. She knew someone would recieve him because she knew the gathers in that area would be there. the gatherers where the pharoahs people . Pharoah’s Duaghter was the one that recieve the boy and raised him as her own in the palace.
Time has past and mose is a grown man, he observes the beating the slaves are recieveing and it’s affecting him. It bothers him so that he goes out to stop and egypttian from beating and slave and Mose’s kill’s the egyptian slave driver. So Mose returns home and the news has traveled to pharoah. Moses knows that his stay is over. He runs into the wilderness.The wilderness is merely a state of mind that one retreats to when confused. Until the confusion is mastered you like moses will be in the wilderness.Upon Moses awakening from this state of mind, he finds himself in a man named Jethros home, and Jethro is a priest. Jethro has land and flock he shepherds and also a lovely daughter Zipphorah. Moses marries this young woman and so Jethro imparts all his knowledge into Moses. These flock we’ve read thinking it’s animal isn’ animals now. Read to gain wisdom, the bible always refers to shepherds as leaders and flock is the following.
So Jethro leaves Moses to watch over the flock and the have such a good time in worship that the anointing comes over Moses and, Moses imagines a busch burning and it’s talking to him. So Moses begins to walk up to see closer what he’s hearing a voice coming out of and as he gets closer the voice out of the busch says “don’t come any closer, Take off those shoes this is Holy ground your entering into!” I’m sure Moses said what is going on? But God will never allow the human to bring anything of his into his presence and the shoes or sandals present the intellect of man. you can’t take your thoughts to God when he know’s all. what go is it then you wouldn’t get the fullness of what the presence is releasing to you. Anyway The word begins to tell him, that his peole have been in the wilderness crying for 40 years and moses you must go and bring my people out of captivity. Mose is thinkning me why, and how do I do this? The word of God responds and says, I wil be with you. Moses say’s who shall I say sent me, when I go for them? Tell them IAM , The GOD of Abraham Issac, and Jacob. I fine this to be very intriguing because, the same place Moses left, because of killing someone is the same place God sent him back to free his people. Moses was sent back to the scene of a crime he commited to let the people see that God is truly a redeemer. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, or the word came and changed me, it raised me. Im not who I used to be, I’ve been through the firethe flood and through the rain and he never left me. I’ve been washed in the blood of the crucified one I’ve been redeemed.Redemption will always send the example of what is to be.It is the mind and heart of man that becomes the deciding factor in his fate.