An addicts testimony 

Never would have made it

Marvin Sapp

Nothing like the love of God!

Romans 8:37-39

37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,neither the present nor the future,nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I recall a young man talking to me about his life of drugs and how he had lost everything because of his actions. Things he said to me was profound. He said even when he turned his life around accepting Christ his family rejected him because they did not see truth the way he did. His father was absent from his life and his mother was bitter. He said in a discussion with his mother he told her he apologize for all he had put her through. Her reaction was that of a angry woman spewing words of discord no peace. This led him to understand his approval and love would only be found in the gift that only God can give a man or woman. He said, “Ms. Kim that gift is unconditional love, but along with that I needed to love myself beyond my faults to meet God. He went on to say that gift God gave me that day picked me up out of the gutter by leading Holy Ghost filled evangelist to pray for me. I could then see beyond the deception and the addiction, God truly loves me and He is a deliver who sets souls free. There is nothing that could keep the love of God from meeting me that day!”

No matter what we have experienced in our lives or through out the week disappointing and traumatically painful the love of Christ is everlasting and sustaining. Gods love reaches in to the utter most depth of the world to save His own.  His love defeated the enemy on Calvary and its wonder working power is still available to anyone in need of the savior. Offer Romans 10:9-10 to someone you know whose lost that they may experience the Christ centered love this young man shared with me. Share this text even by reading his experience with a loved one or just pass the message on!

In Jesus name Amen!

Written by: Kim Warner

Published by: Inner Faith Wealth Builders ! Evangelism

Copyright © 2015

Self serving or God serving

Patience is a fruit significant to servant-hood, it also let’s one know if he’s still controlling his life or if his life is controlled by the being he works for. The human flesh is inclined to let you know you’re in control on many occasions, but I work for a being who has told me I’m employed by his presence yet for a season here in the earth at this time. While the privilege to live and set the record straight of my disobedience and rebellious traits this presence I reverence has acquired me access to his wisdom and knowledge acquired over life times which is eternal Grace.

Going to the table to sit in and restaurant, the servant comes to take your order… their service determines whether you will tip them or not. The other aspect is the restaurant owner pays the servant predicated upon their performance. The servant is not paid based upon his or her thoughts of how service should be provided but how he was trained to serve. Thus patience is needed when you have customers who seem to be intolerable, because spiritual fruit stands the test of time. Patience that has ripen to its full potential will serve everyone with the service of the most high because it knows who gave the gift or offering to serve.

Thus patience is a virtue endowed from our father up above, giving the measure of grace to continue our participation in the futuristic caring and evolving toward the human race. So before you think or speak as if your running your own business remember you gave him full control when you said, “I will LORD I will…”

Seasons Change

Seasons change  – we know by looking at the trees as the colors of the leaves change. Autumn has made its announcement of change upon the trees as the leaves begin to fall away. The trees give us signs many times that we don’t take into account. They show us growth and improvement they’re taking on by shedding old for the new they’re expecting to come.

Every thing must change. for in change there can be great possibilities. ‘What could they be?’ one may say. If you were born in poverty and the opportunity to change your life comes along, why not take the chance? Are you persuaded by your status of living, or maybe you’re afraid of actually overcoming poverty? Just a thought I’m throwing out there!

The world is positioned for change everyday while many are set in their ways and will meekly accept what has been given to them. If you’re comfortable with your status that’s fine – if you’re happy with your status that is fine too, but if you have problems with your life in anyway, then take the initiative to make the change you desire. One step at a time is all it takes. Are you frustrated with the present you live or reside in?

Frustration is only a friend telling you the job is getting on your nerves, which in time if you stay there could cause your body to manifest sickness. Has your home become uncomfortable to live in or it just doesn’t feel like home to you anymore? Maybe you have outgrown this home you’re in and another is waiting on you?

Think about it, God never gives us more than we can bear. If the season of baring a circumstance is over it could be a push of progress that we’re experiencing and fear is telling us there is no way you can find another house or build your own business. This we know is not the truth of our Father who tells us we can do all things through his wonderful loving spirit that lives in our bodies. Anything you think or believe you can do is already done! It is the Father who gives thoughts of progress, not regress.

New beginnings start with new thoughts. The thoughts of yesterday and the past say “I can’t” but thoughts of growth and expectation say “I can do all things because my Father empowers and equips me to do the things I think and desire. Nothing is too hard when I talk my thoughts out with him for He guides me into the things he has in store for me.”