In you is where I want to be

Dwelling in the house of the Lord…The House where you live oh Lord is where I want to be. Safely tucked away in the sanctuary of life with you I’ve found to be a hi-light! The place where you dwell oh lord is filled with your majesty, it’s mystifying that’s what it is I’m in your glory… I love your presence, it fills me when I’m low with more of you ; you are the peace, love, joy and happiness I experience Oh Lord thank you that I can come here and become more like you. I’m refreshed as I enter to continue on the journey that’s set before me. My God there is nothing like your presence … It is humbling yet illuminating, energizing, inspiring with you is were I want to be. In your presence all habits of the ego and issues in my tissues are resolved. Sickness, poverty and dis-ease must bow down. I will say it again Lord with a smile Your presence is a dwelling place to  experience holiness, in you is where I want to be! Psalm 26:8-9

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Money is King

Cash is king my Father told me, not that it is Lord over your life, but when you choose to use it wisely it will be a supplier of all your needs. Being that we are in this world but not of it says, that we are yet responsible for our contribution of use to the money system, which means we are authorized to respect the use of money as well.
Take Jesus many Christian still believe he had no real relationship with money, but this is not true. Jesus had an inner circle of dignified wealthy men who walked with him, one of which was a treasurer whose was Judas Iscariot.
In the case of Judas, greed had its way in him driving him to betray Jesus, also selling Jesus out for money. This act caused Jesus to go on the cross but it also brought Judas to and even more traumatic experience, Judas hung himself. The moral of the story my Father told me, is if you are not disciplined with money the desire of greed can arise within you causing you to make decisions that forfeit your ability to handle money wisely, also causing your own suffering throughout life until you find yourself making right relations with money.