Moses Kills



“One day, after Moses had grown up, he went out to where his own people were and watched them at their hard labor”. “He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave, one of his own people; looking to his left and right; seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand”. Exodus 2:11-12

Moses, one of our greatest leaders in the bible was awakened to his true identity when he committed the murder of an Egyptian. Reminding all that murder is a sin and there is a price to pay where sin abounds. We can commit murder with our mouths by gossiping, slandering others character as well as killing with our hands. Our intention in this writing is to show those who read, that a leader such as Moses had real life issues the same as everyone else.  Moses was accountable for his actions; an important characteristic in life. There was no devil involved which is what many people claim victim to, and immediately place blame on. Moses felt compelled to stand up for his fellow Hebrew brothers and sisters, kind of like what’s happen in Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri.

However many times we struggle with choices in life when the odds are presented in our lives, I must say that if you have been dealt an odd hand, this means you have been equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome all odds.  While many are born in environments of corruption, and spiritual forces of darkness begin to plant seeds in our minds to conspire to be led by drug sells, gang violence, material gain, louting, and disrespect towards our parents. Stealing, killing, and the failure to understand God’s creation of the Ten Commandments (principles for successful living) is still not relevant in our lives.

We all know that murder is against the law today and is considered a sin, reflecting on the murder committed by Moses, was the one that the Father birthed when He created the commandments.To overcome the mindset that drives a man or woman to commit an offense against the word of God is #1, their lack of connection with God’s righteousness. Being connected to God is like a girl or boy who falls in love, or love at first sight, the type of love that is unconditional.  Deuteronomy 5, which is what the Ten Commandments tell us. The key is recognizing the emotions that lead us to hurt others or to compromise them. When we understand what we are doing to one another, along with feeling the pain that we have sown, we often find that we have choices presented to us for change.

Like Moses in the wilderness, I am sure through numerous encounters while running for his life; he may have experienced fear like the Egyptian he killed experienced at the time of death. What is at the root of murder? A mixture of emotions such as rage, anger, disparity, bondage, lack, and confusion; these emotions are manifested causing one to commit the act of murder and other heinous crimes.

Rage and anger, in addition to the other emotions mentioned above have a way of funneling up when entertained to long. These emotions are called from the dark side of man which instigates and stimulates unlawful circumstances and violence. Our position is to recognize the power of choice within ourselves, which means think before reacting in any situation.  Our other choice is responsible acts towards life. Thirdly, we must truly ask ourselves “what would Jesus do”?

When we look at Moses’ life, he was not poor in his earlier life, and he definitely was not poor when he came into his latter years. Moses was created with poise and excellence that directed him to understand, later on in the story that he was created as God’s ‘handyman’.  He was to be a vessel honoring the work of God.

The analogy of this story is simply for those who read this to understand within you; there is greatness.  God has not created one person greater than the other. What makes the difference in life are the choices and decisions we make. Young people; if we choose to follow gang members we will fail. Grown-ups in adulterous situations; rather than keeping the covenant, again, we will fail every time. Along with keeping the covenant, if a person has not received Jesus Christ, they will find themselves as the children of Israel ‘wandering in the wilderness as a lost soul.

Moses put the covenant into effect, but Jesus Christ is the breath of life that makes the covenant of God awaken in our hearts and souls. If you are not saved today, go to Romans 10:9-10 and read the words that give you the confession of Christ, and we will celebrate you, having become a new sister or brother in Christ. Email us… God Bless in Jesus Name!

Written by: Kim Warner

Published by: Inner Faith Wealth Builders ! Evangelism

Copyright © 2015



360 Turn around

Moses, was a man raised up for God’s work, he had the advantage of living in the pharoah’s home and reaping the amenities of God’s grace. I’m sure your asking what’s this she’s saying? I’m saying his mother like Mary Jesus mother knew there was an divine appointment with his life. AS we look back in the timing we find that the order was sent out to kill all the male factors. Mose’s father and mother kept him hid and a secret until they couldn’t keep him any longer. His mother set him in a basket and sent him down the river. She knew someone would recieve him because she knew the gathers in that area would be there. the gatherers where the pharoahs people . Pharoah’s Duaghter was the one that recieve the boy and raised him as her own in the palace.
Time has past and mose is a grown man, he observes the beating the slaves are recieveing and it’s affecting him. It bothers him so that he goes out to stop and egypttian from beating and slave and Mose’s kill’s the egyptian slave driver. So Mose returns home and the news has traveled to pharoah. Moses knows that his stay is over. He runs into the wilderness.The wilderness is merely a state of mind that one retreats to when confused. Until the confusion is mastered you like moses will be in the wilderness.Upon Moses awakening from this state of mind, he finds himself in a man named Jethros home, and Jethro is a priest. Jethro has land and flock he shepherds and also a lovely daughter Zipphorah. Moses marries this young woman and so Jethro imparts all his knowledge into Moses. These flock we’ve read thinking it’s animal isn’ animals now. Read to gain wisdom, the bible always refers to shepherds as leaders and flock is the following.
So Jethro leaves Moses to watch over the flock and the have such a good time in worship that the anointing comes over Moses and, Moses imagines a busch burning and it’s talking to him. So Moses begins to walk up to see closer what he’s hearing a voice coming out of and as he gets closer the voice out of the busch says “don’t come any closer, Take off those shoes this is Holy ground your entering into!” I’m sure Moses said what is going on? But God will never allow the human to bring anything of his into his presence and the shoes or sandals present the intellect of man. you can’t take your thoughts to God when he know’s all. what go is it then you wouldn’t get the fullness of what the presence is releasing to you. Anyway The word begins to tell him, that his peole have been in the wilderness crying for 40 years and moses you must go and bring my people out of captivity. Mose is thinkning me why, and how do I do this? The word of God responds and says, I wil be with you. Moses say’s who shall I say sent me, when I go for them? Tell them IAM , The GOD of Abraham Issac, and Jacob. I fine this to be very intriguing because, the same place Moses left, because of killing someone is the same place God sent him back to free his people. Moses was sent back to the scene of a crime he commited to let the people see that God is truly a redeemer. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, or the word came and changed me, it raised me. Im not who I used to be, I’ve been through the firethe flood and through the rain and he never left me. I’ve been washed in the blood of the crucified one I’ve been redeemed.Redemption will always send the example of what is to be.It is the mind and heart of man that becomes the deciding factor in his fate.