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Its hard to recognize anything about yourself and others when you have little knowlege on wat your going through. However, when you come out of a relationship that left you with painful feelings and ideas, they often the things overshadow the truth. I believe we can find the love we search for when we look at what we gave in the relationship emotional, spiritually, and physically. If you planeted good you will find appreciation for yourself first and then the other person because you learned what you needed to understand from the experience and after all the negative is cleared you may find that you were loved. What a wonderful thing to know that you were loved because you gave love!


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A questions and answers concerning your WHY in your relationship.  
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Food for the brain

Food for thought—Every problem has a solution. Problems are like man and woman hoping for the right mate. The problem gets lonely without its mate (solution). Problem without solution begins to stir up trouble only because and idle mind is the devils work shop. Without the answer to the problem or even acknowledging there’s a problem we run the risk of feeling unfulfilled, void having half the answers to the matters that concerns us. Put your mind in heart in the word of God and turn your plate down if at all possible and call on the Holy Ghost and know one else. The answer will come through committed prayer, God is a God of revelation and wisdom at the appointed time for release.

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   Mark 9:29 He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting.” Acts chapter 1: 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

The prayers of the righteous, continua prayer Paul’s says in Ephesian 6: 18,19

Amen May God bless you more ways than you image.

Kim M. Warner

K.I.M.R 94.5

The Beauty Of It All (By: Nita Murphy)



The beauty of it all People take for Granite. What God Has Given Us Each Day He So Gracefully Allows Us To Wake. The Blessing Of just being able to Breath, See, Speak, touch and smell.There are son many people who truly do not realize what a gift, an honor and a privilege life, is let alone how precious being alive is. People are self-destructing, killing, stealing, cheating, lying, and just taking life for granite. Only for a few Pennies, Or even Over Jealousy, plain hatred and some just to be mean when it should be love the brother and sister as God Loves Us.
Let God Fight Your Battle For He is The High Judge And Jury And Has The Final Say. Love conquers all so Lets Live in Peace And Harmony For we Are in The Last Days And They Are Getting Shorter. Check yourself People. For God is Not Pleased.
Written by: Nita Murphy
Published with: Inner Faith Wealth Builders !Evangelism
Copyright © 2015

Moments of motivation and inspiration

New mercies renewed give us memento, instant change as well as daily allowance to things that need to be changed. We don’t have to wait for new years to be motivated to change anything. Change is given through the Grace of Christ and the GIFT of the Holy Spirit…
Lamentation 3:23 Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.
Won’t you use your gift more? Be compelled to press in and press forward to bring the birth of new creations through the power of intercession and the Holy One that lives within you. Mary was no exception to the birth of the Christ spirit she was the beginning of understanding the birth and nature of Christ along with the demonstration of the spiritual process that comes to man and woman daily. She was privileged and understood the gift of God that laid in her womb. For this reason we are granted the gift of life In Christ with the ability to wake up with new mercies and the gift of God being securely tucked away safe within us walking the experience and journey out with us. Amen! IJN !


The Beautiful World of Math

Keith Turner Believes in children’s ability to overcome weakness…

If you want your Child to be able to Stand up before a Class and Break Math Down Like they are A Teacher, then…

★The Beautiful World of Math–Vol. 1 (video) is for them.

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Children are given Worksheets as “Busy Work.” How many can actually go through Math Problems and Explain the Steps?

Is your Child Confident when it comes to Math?
★The Beautiful World of Math


A Step by Step to Approach to Mastering Math for any Age

The Beautiful World of Math is Great for any Age, even Adults that want to Refreshen themselves in Math to help their Children to Master Math. Parents are the 1st Teachers. What better tool to help Parents do Just That.




Keith Turners gems are everlasting…

Imani’s Dream is a story of a little girl that is in love with learning new things. Imani & her brother Yusef fall in love with reading. Imani’s love of reading & parents bedtime storytelling of Africa’s Greatness makes her take on wings that carry her to many beautiful places. Eventually she discovers the Great City of Timbuktu in Mali, West Africa.

One night she dreams of The Great City of Timbuktu where books were traded almost as much as gold. In her dream she meets the legendary Professor Ahmed Baba of The University of Sankore in 16th century. Professor Ahmed Baba was an African scholar that wrote more forty books . She and professor Ahmed Baba form a bond in the Art of Learning covering many fields such as Architecture, Trade, Geology, Astronomy and many other subjects.

This is a story that will show how Reading can make you take on wings.

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***Relationship challenges***Dance with Your partner…

Download available

Book Cover

The purpose for writing this book is to provoke individuals
in relationships to think farther than their desires. By presenting
areas of communication breakdown, in which we tend to become combative
when confronted with the issues of various breakdown or weakness in our
families units, we can reconcile these issues by changing former ways of communication.
Breakdowns in family and relationships lead to breakdowns
in our societies and communities. Genesis chapter 1 reveals the step
by step plan for a one on one relationship filled with guidance from
God concerning the choosing of our mates as well as how you and
your mate should develop and grow together in the relationship. Let
us all keep in mind we all have room for change, with the understanding
that we all have work to do and there should be no reason
to blame others for their faults and flaws.
God looked beyond our faults and saw our needs. The scriptures
listed in the following pages have been added as tools to help
change the mind of the readers, to encourage and empower families,
our environment and even history.




Self serving or God serving

Patience is a fruit significant to servant-hood, it also let’s one know if he’s still controlling his life or if his life is controlled by the being he works for. The human flesh is inclined to let you know you’re in control on many occasions, but I work for a being who has told me I’m employed by his presence yet for a season here in the earth at this time. While the privilege to live and set the record straight of my disobedience and rebellious traits this presence I reverence has acquired me access to his wisdom and knowledge acquired over life times which is eternal Grace.

Going to the table to sit in and restaurant, the servant comes to take your order… their service determines whether you will tip them or not. The other aspect is the restaurant owner pays the servant predicated upon their performance. The servant is not paid based upon his or her thoughts of how service should be provided but how he was trained to serve. Thus patience is needed when you have customers who seem to be intolerable, because spiritual fruit stands the test of time. Patience that has ripen to its full potential will serve everyone with the service of the most high because it knows who gave the gift or offering to serve.

Thus patience is a virtue endowed from our father up above, giving the measure of grace to continue our participation in the futuristic caring and evolving toward the human race. So before you think or speak as if your running your own business remember you gave him full control when you said, “I will LORD I will…”

Love Is The Way

Love is a feeling , thought, touch, and emotion that nearly all the human race has knowingly and unknowingly set out to find. Some know they’re on this journey by the desire to be loved while others are persuaded through the lust for love. We also have those who chose to love from afar.  However you choose to live and press love out, is up to you but remember to manifest love.

Loving life is essential because life has been given to exemplify love. Love to many is unconditional and to others it is given by condition. Self analysis is useful to find where your level of love engages. Self-analysis gives one true accountability on how they feel and treat others in the area of love. When you feel you’re not acquainted to love properly or you need more understanding concerning love look around at all the individuals you affect daily. How effective are you with showing genuine feelings of acceptance to others? When you can accept others on their level wherever this may be, you then begin to see unconditional love surfacing in you. To judge the individual’s action or state of being says there is a problem with acceptance. The solution is found in better relating, thought out, or tactful communication. The acceptance could be concerning their culture or even the way they clean.  When you love them you except the culture as a package deal, you embrace the culture because of your commitment in the relationship. Cleaning the house is simple acceptance concerning opinions on how one or the other does things, embracing the opinion for peace and change will come.

Using love on the job and business? Your communication could be the number one resource to make someone’s day great. While at the same time your communication could be the resource that makes their day not so great. The point is remembering by loving kindness blessings are drawn to thee. Without kindness how can anything come close to you. Without love and kindness we tend to repel anything good, we tend to draw negatives because this is what were giving out. Even love desires to be accepted into your life as a human desires the same acceptance.

In romantic relationships the conditional aspect says I love you for what you can do for me which is why many relationships and marriages fail. Unconditional has to be added to relationships for longevity. With unconditional love we learn from ourselves or within to love ourselves first. Once this is accomplished we are able to accomplish love within a partnership. There are no conditions to my love for you  I love all of you because I see beyond your faults. At the end of the day loving yourself will heal the past pain conquering the sins of limitation from yesterday, releasing you to help other carry and work through their baggage.  Is your love making a brighter day?